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EYE QUESTION.[read details] i got medicine yesterday and i don't think its working?

i have an eye infection...the Doctor gave me medicine to!! these weird eye drops...i don't think there working though??? my eyes don't look any different...only the yellow tin has gone down a bit...but when is the medicine going to start kicking in??? will my eyes ever b normal again ppl??????? i got the medicine yesterday.

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    I'm assuming that if the doctor gave you medicine for an eye infection that he gave you an antibiotic for bacterial pink eye, and what you call yellow tin is the pussy discharge. If it is going down then the medicine is working, but continue using the eye drops as long as the doctor said even when the eyes seem healed, or the eye infection will come back.

    This condition is very contagious-that's how you got it. Don't swim or share towels, mascara and pillows. Replace your mascara or you will keep reinfecting yourself.

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