Unlimited consumer benefits call?

So I just got a call from a company called unlimited consumer benefits the lady said it was a customer appreciation month and she chose me cause my number got randomly accepted cause something about my Visa. She said that I had won $500 and and a free vacation to anywher and I was surprised so I had alot of questions but she kept like repeating I'll tell you in a moment this was obviously a real person. And she has me tell her my mail address and stuff gave me her customer service line and name but wouldn't tell me the name of the company til after all that. Then she had asked for my credit card number but I was really wary since I just got it and she said she needed it for shipping and handling for $5.95. I asked her just to deduct it from the gift card but she said she couldn't. And I said I had to go do something cause I wanted to ask my bank about it cause I was a bit scared but I said it was an emergency and I had to call her back but she said no this is an emergency and got super pissed and shes like you know what fine forget it. Don't tell anyone about this call blah blah blah. SO was it a scam? WHat should I have done for future reference?


The name of the company Unlimited consumer benefits and supposedly they work for 2000 malls around america but I've only used my Visa debit card at safe way and that was once.

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    1 decade ago
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    It is a scam, and a old tired one at that. If you win any prize, why would they need money to ship you what you have already won. If you had given them your credit card number they could have charged you a lot of money, and you would not have any way of tracking them down. Because she did not give you the name of the company.

    I get calls and letters like this all the time. Vacation trips, money in Africa, million dollar winner. FAKE ALL. It seems as if you did the right thing for future reference.

  • Andrea
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    1 decade ago

    It's a complete scam. They just call whoever & mention a Visa card because so many people have them. They know nothing at all about your Visa card unless you provided the information. If all you gave them was your address, you should be fine. Don't even worry about the name of the company either - it's most likely fake.

    Don't trust anyone who calls you nor should you believe any random emails you receive.

    When in doubt, check scamwarners.org for information.

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