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Should I buy Xbox 360 or PS3?

I already own a 360 but I split it with my brother so he gets it next semester I have 450 bucks I know I love the 360 but can afford the PS3. If I got the elite, I could sell Halo 3 and Fable 2 since I already own both of those and get more games with the extra cash, or I could start fresh with a new console.

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    get a ps3, its awesome

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  • Buy a ps3.

    I bought a xbox 360 a while back and had it for a while and it overheated (even though it was not closed in). had to send it in and it costed $100 to get them to fix it. After they fixed it i had it for about 6 months and it did the exact thing again. Now they say i would have to pay another $100 to have it fixed again.

    my xbox had ventilation on all sides (even the bottom because i had it on a game stand).

    Anyways, buy a ps3. Sony actually knows how to make a peace of equipment that wont tear up in 6 months.

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    i have an xbox 360 and no live because i don't want to buy a $100 wireless adapter or a $50 wire and i don't want to spend $60 a year so i can hear an 8 yr old say "yeah i pwn you" 50 times a day, and it sucks i would go with a ps3 it has good new games, free online play free wireless adapter, and games that will make you remember the days that you didn't pay attenion to things like this

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    I say stick with the 360.

    I have both but i hate my Ps3 because it is so damn boring and i've

    had it since '07 and my 360 since 08 christmas and i freaking love it!

    Reasons:Xbox Live and Gears of war 2!

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    the x-box has a wider selection of games than the ps3, but the ps3 comes with a blue ray player built in. if you are into blue ray movies the ps3 is your choice. if you do not want to share the x-box with your brother get your own & use the leftover cash to get something else for yourself.

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    I myself own a 360,i say go with a ps3 try something new.

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    ps3!!! free online, bluray,and internet dont have any of those.Alot of new games coming only for ps3

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    save your money for the next gen console

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    if you don't like any of the answers, don't waste more points and just look for it. there are millions of this similar questions.

    Good Luck.

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    ya. um.. i have a PS3. buy it!


    1. it has free internet

    2. free downloads for new demo games

    3. it's funn!

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