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I wanted to know what do you think is expensive for a leotard?

My friend and I were talking about gymnastics leo's. I have a bunch and they were all around 35-40 dollars so do you think this is expensive? My mom says I dont need anymore but it's hard not to buy them?



Thank your for the answer

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  • Angela
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    Oh my gosh I know what you mean it is so hard not to buy them because you see a cute one and your like I HAVE TO HAVE IT! But 35-40 is a typical price for a brand new leotard. They sell them at my gym for 30-35, I've also seen brand new GK Elite leos for 56 I was like that's so crazy. I go on ebay when I really want a new one. There you can find them starting at like a dollar and ending up around 17. If you shop around right you can find some people bought and then outgrew after one use that's like getting a brand new leo for more than 1/2 off.

    I just got this leotard off ebay about a month ago she bought it for her daughter for Christmas then before Christmas her daughter had a big growth spurt and could no longer wear Adult Smalls. I ended up getting it for $15.50 and it had only been tried on!


  • Anonymous
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    I once paid like $50 dollars or so for a Shawn Johnson one. (: I wouldn't spend more than $50 dollars though unless its one that the whole team gets for competitions. I don't think that's too bad of a price. Honestly, there really is no "cheap ones."

  • Emily
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    the most i would pay for a leo is $45 but i paid that because it was by shawn johnson. your leos are a little expensive, there are cheaper ones out there, but they are not unreasonable. the cuter ones always cost more :)

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    i have loads of leotards and love to buy more and more, but they do cost alot

    i guess it is the way they make me feel Special and look great

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