child support payment issue?

Im in pennsylvania, heres some info. Payments come (randomly) 1-3 times per month, 20-25 times per year. I know, dont get me started on the payment/deposit setup that PA runs, its a completely random at best. Anyway, thats not what Im asking about. I have not received a deposit on the eppicard since June and nobody can (or will) help me.

I talked to the mother and her employer, money was withdrawn as it always is, so that not the problem.

I called the eppicard 800# but they cant tell me anything other than the balance. I called the numbers on the PA CS website, and they gave me the number to social services, then they gave me the number somewhere else, finally after 5 transfers I was told "we will look into it" ... huh? Its court appointed, so it wasnt cut off, and I can handle "there was a mix up" or "all deposits where delayed" but being passed around with no answers is not acceptable.

Does anyone know who I can call to find a simple answer to a simple question?

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    Contact Kevin Sheahen for help.


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    Your local child support agency should have whats called an "omnibuds" person (I know I didn't spell it correctly. This person is there to help with child support issue, audits, requesting a state hearing, etc.

    Your best bet is to go to your local child support office web site to find links there, your state child support service web site will also have info there as well.

    I've dealt with issues like this for years, but in Cali which most states try to mirror off of in support issues.

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    In TN we have a seperate child support services, does PA have the same? If so, contact the Child Support Services or go to the local office in your area.

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    new child help relies on the age of the youngster, or in specific circumstances, the college attendance (consisting of school) of the youngster. maximum CS stops at 18 -- regardless of the place the youngster has usual residency. except the payor has an identical opinion to proceed, or that is laid out on your decree, then the CS for a new child attending college will terminate.

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    Do you have a child support case worker?

    If it is court ordered you should have one.

    Your case worker is the person who is supposed to have answers and investigate.

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