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What is an undergraduate?

Im 14..and i want to be a pediatrician..and i was wondering.

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    An undergraduate student is working on their bachelors degree. A graduate student has a bachelors and is working on their masters or PhD. To become a pediatrician, you'd go to med school after finishing your bachelors, so then you'd be a med student.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    A college student basically. The years after you get a bachelors degree, that you spend on a masters or doctorate your considered a graduate student. If you want to be a pediatrician then after your four years of college or undergraduate years you'll be considered a med school student assuming you get accepted.

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    An Undergraduate is a college student that dose not have a bachelors degree. Once you get your bachelors you'll be a Graduate student

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    Undergraduate (or undergrad) is the term used to classify college students who don't have a Bachelor's degree.

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