Why do men typically come up with better inventions than women?

is it because teenage girls would rather listen to the jonas brothers, while teenage boys would rather do things that utilize their superior spatial reasoning abilities (sports, cars, putting things together)?

sure, you have marie curie, the chick who invented the dishwasher, and the chick who invented the windshield wipers, but these pale in comparison to the transistor, airplane, air conditioning, radar, vaccines; even the atomic bomb can be considered a smart invention

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    Until recently, this world was primarily controlled by men.

    Source(s): FYI: Do your research on the atomic bomb. A female was the leading scientist (now) credited for the research leading to nuclear fission. She was exiled from Germany because of her Jewish heritage and her former colleague stole her work and took home the Nobel prize for his trouble. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lise_Meitner I recently watched a great Nova episode on her life and career.
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    True, women are the minority of patent holders... But that obviously doesn't mean that men are superior inventors. Barbara Askins, a new picture developing method. Patricia Billings, geobond (indestructable plaster, which you probably wouldn't know). Bette Nesmith Graham,

    Liquid Paper. Dr. Temple Grandin, Animal Handling (improved animal and human safety) Stephanie Kwolek, Kevlar (a synthetic material that is five times as strong as steel) Hedy Lamarr, Spread Spectrum Technology. Dr. Giuliana Tesoro, Owner of 125 patents that modernized the textile world. And Ruth Wakefield, Chocolate Chip Cookie. And where would you be, you silly little boy without a dream of ever owning a patent to an original invention, without the chocolate chip cookie?

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    Personally, I am offended by this question, as you are stating that all teenage girls would "rather listen to the jonas brothers" than doing something productive with their time. This is most certainly not true, likewise is the fact that all "teenage boys would rather do things that utilize their superior spatial reasoning abilities".

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    Gertrude Belle Elion

    Elion invented the leukemia-fighting drug 6-mercaptopurine, drugs that facilitated kidney transplants and other drugs for the treatment of cancer and leukemia.

    Elizabeth Lee Hazen

    Elizabeth Hazen co-invented Nystatin, the world's first useful antifungal antibiotic.

    Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin

    Hodgkin used x-rays to find the structural layouts of atoms and to discover the overall molecular shape of over 100 molecules including: penicillin, vitamin B-12, vitamin D and insulin.

    Stephanie Louise Kwolek

    Kwolek invented a material five times stronger than steel called Kevlar.

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    Because most women were denied an education while men were expected to excel. Only the nobility or wealthy women were allowed to learn other things besides home-y things. But now, women are over achieving, give us a decade and you'll ask the opposite question, more women get accepted into college than men.

    So the tables have turned.

    (not to mention some of what you mentioned was collaborated work among both sexes.)

  • Well, considering men tried to keep us from learning anything they had more opportunities.

    But we discovered science or rather invented it. Women kept track of their periods and were able to establish a cycle.

    BTW I'm a teenager and dislike anything to do with the Jonas Brothers. Instead I volunteer to help animals get adopted at the Humane Society and am studying to get an International Baccalaureate Diploma. Along with taking on a little kid's soccer team and playing on a soccer team of my own.

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    A lot of the time it's interest that invent things. Most guys are interested in science and building things, it does not mean that they are superior to women just that their interests are different. Because when you look at it most women are artistically talented and make great strides in that field. And as you pointed out there are women who create inventions as are there men who make great strides in the arts. -Hope this helps-

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    Yeah right; if we didn't lay out your stuff, find your clothes, make sure you had all your little things , where your appointment is, what time and with who and for what reason; you would be wandering around naked in the garage looking for your car keys till the cows came home!!

    Behind every successful man there is a good woman

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    You've got life all figured out, don't you? You are not looking for an answer, you just want to rant unreasonably.

    A woman did work and help invent the atomic bomb.

    When our culture preferred men instead of women to work with, women have been blocked educationally and politically.

    Can you imagine growing up wanting to live your dream and all they ask you is, "Can you type?"

    For example, my friend's mom had straight A's and was working on becoming a PhD doctor. Her father ended up giving every penny to her loser brother who became nothing while she settled for being a nurse, because she had no money to finish her doctorate.

    Fathers blocking the daughters, is a great example of why less woman then men in our culture. Not their fault, it is a cultural belief system.

    Some day it will change.

    History does show equality of women thousands of years ago as architects and engineers, but people don't want to know, do they? They just spout at the mouth thinking they got it all figured out in the 21st Century and forget that women were not allowed to vote until recently.

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    Well due tot eh humongous peak in women education and the downfall of male education in the future I guarantee women will have more inventions

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    there are more people who simply refuse to answer your question than there are people to take a proper stab at it. I don't buy any of that "men had all the power" or "women were treated unfairly" and "it's all because women were oppressed" garbage, but at the same time I don't care for the "women are just stupid" approach either. so, why indeed? now that society has made men and women "equals", will women start to come up with innovations for our unsustainable society that will move us forward into a bright future? we shall see.

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