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Do you work out .?


I like to jog and I'm skinny but I eat a lot so I'm not toned or anything...oh well

Update 2:

you so buff Dajik

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    Working outs a drag, I just prefer to stay really active and eat well. If you want a good work out try walking up and down the fast current of a trout stream all day + the hike to get there, or throwing a snowmobile or dirt bike around for 7-8 hours, things like that. I live in Northern Michigan.

    Total hard bodies are nice to look at but girls are supposed to be soft and curvy. Sounds like your just right, keep it up!

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    Yes. I'd get totally fat if I didn't because I don't really curb my eating. I just make up for the bad stuff that I eat, by working out.

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    play rugby 3 times a week and go to the gym 3 times a week

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    On the side.

    I only really use my Pull-up bar. And I have it in my Doorway. So I use it when I leave, and enter my room. I consider that a yes to working out.

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    i try to do at least 25 minutes of cardio 4 times a week

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    Nope. I have a super fast metabolism so I can eat and eat and eat till there's no tomorrow and gain no extra weight.


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    5 days a week

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    Mayyyyyyyyyyyybeeeee tehehehehehehehehe

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