Do i have a sixth sense? If not, what is it?

This has kinda been going on all my life. 5 minutes before it showers, rains, pours, or something, I can predict it, whether I look at the clouds, hear the weather report or not. Then also my gut feeling is extremely stronger than everyone else I know. i experience deja vu often, and sometimes if there is a random picking (for instance, pick a card on this table, if you pick a 3 you win) i often get the right one. I thought it was nothing and then i found out that one of my ancestors could use a forked stick and easily find underground water. Am i just being paranoid, or is there something wrong with me?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    i think your just paranoid.

    alot of people can smell the rain before it comes.

  • 1 decade ago

    Dowsing rods is what your ancestor was using. They are magnetic rods and will move depending on electromagnetic interference. And Underground water would cause these interferences. This is a science. I am currently working on a theory which indicates that you use deductive reasoning which a subconscious part of your brain. Which means You receive a little information and using just that you may subconsciously use that information to learn more very quickly. I have been feeling what you feel for a very long time. And I have always been able to scientifically prove things false. But this is something else. I believe it's there and very real. But I believe it also has a scientific explanation. You are not paranoid. But you are also not paranormal. You are just a person who uses more of their brain than the average person.

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