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Is Rachel Maddow nothing more than a closet communist?

Has anyone ever seen such hatred toward conservatism? Add to that he fact that she NEVER has her facts straight and you have a female version of Keith Olbermann. How do people like this get on television?


I really enjoy all of you liberals who feel the need to defend her. Being a Rhodes Scholar doesn't automatically make her right. Another example of the liberal mindset, (never think for yourselves).

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    Rachel isn't in the closet about anything. She's a proud ant-American, like many of her viewers. I can't believe she's still on the air, given her puny ratings.

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    She's not even in the closet about that. She's pretty open about her hatred about anything American.

    The Wicked Witch from the Wizard of Oz seems like Mary Poppins by comparison with Maddow

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    Maddow a Communist? How pathetic WILL your questions get? And she NEVER has her facts straight? Any time you want to post something when she doesn't have her facts straight, just have at it. You throw blanket insults and then can't be bothered backing them up.

  • MSNBC has come out of the closet, she just reflects who she works for

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    Mainstream media is a problem.

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    1 decade ago

    Communist?! Actually, she's a Rhodes scholar, and you're obviously not.

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    the casting couch

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