What can you do with a history degree?

What can you do with a B.S. degree in History besides teach? I have no desire to teach whatsoever.



No. At my college, you have the choice of a BA in history (with a language minor) and a BS in history. I'm chosing BS because I don't want to learn a foreign language again.

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    You can do lots of things with a B.A. in History. For example, you can pursue a career in journalism, which is a profession that is founded on the rigorous pursuit of the truth based upon the careful compilation and examination of the facts. A historian would seem well suited for such a role.

    If you are so inclined, law enforcement and/or law school would be careers for which you would seem well suited. Politics, of course, would seem to be a natural fit for a historian.

    Less obviously perhaps, advertising would seem to be a field where a person with a solid grasp of history and a sense of humor might be able to forge a successful career. Working for a television program like "The Daily Show," would also be a logical extension of your intellectual abilities if you also have a sense of humor.

    I know the job market looks bleak at the moment. It will be better, maybe much better, this time next year. It's not you, it's the job market. Really.

    If things get really bad, there's always stand up comedy. A formal study reveals that most stand ups (88%) love American history. So it stands to reason that you probably have what it takes to be a successful stand up too. It seems the reason stand ups love history so much is that you can just make up facts as you need them, much like birthers and teabaggers.

    Take care. Smile a lot, and you'll be fine. Things will get better inevitably.

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    I would not say that you will have no trouble finding a job with a degree in business. Business majors are a dime a dozen, and you will have the same difficulty getting a job with a business degree as with a history or English degree if you don't have the experience, qualities and skills an employer wants. And it's probably not a good idea to major in something that bores you. A bachelors degree in almost any subject is not a waste, but the less directly your degree prepares you for a specific job, the more you have to prepare yourself separately by researching careers and building up your CV on the side. A lot of jobs just want to see any degree, but they will want to see relevant experience as well, so you might need to get jobs or internships in industries that interest you. You'll also want to be able to express what you got out of your degree that will help you in your job. The sooner you can figure out what kind of job you eventually want and what's required to get it, the better prepared you'll be when you graduate.

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    Go to the site for a list of career.

    Good luck.

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    Do you mean BA? History is an art not a science. Anyway, I feel you. It gets old hearing people ask "oh do you want to teach?" If I did wouldn't I be an education major??? should be your answer. First things First: a history degree will get you very little on the current job market. Most people were bad and hated history, they don't understand what history majors do. In their eyes you lack the skills they are looking for. So, since you can't get a job you will probably end up going back to school for a history masters, which won;t help either. If you like history that much, do a double major in something useful; if you like to write do communications or journalism too, if you want to work in the private sector do business or finance, if you like animals do biology. For god's sake don't do something dumb like major in history and literature or political science you will just have two worthless degrees instead of one. Political science and history are the same thing, poly sci majors only have it slightly better than history majors do in the job hunt and lit majors might as well burn their student loan money.

    Now that I have told you what you CAN'T do. Here's what you can do. Go to grad school, work in a museum/monument/national park/historical society, do a limited amount of gov't work, the State department is one of the biggest hirers of people with liberal arts degrees, so is the CIA, so do your emphasis in something useful (Not the Soviet Union!) and speak another language (not latin!). Be sure you do as many internships as you can. They give you a chance to try on certain careers and gain contacts in the industry. You will NOT get a job with just a degree, you need internship experience. They will help you get an idea of what you like and don;t like.

    Hope this helps. I apologize for my honesty, but I was a history major and really wish I had done something different. I understand, though, that its hard to know what you want to do with your life so early.

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    hmmmm, go to holywood and join some studios as a script editor. someone there has to correct the factuality of 300, and other movies.

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    Historian, you could work in archives


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    Be a historian. It may require a graduate degree.

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