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Do you think its good to only stay/use only one category of Yahoo Answers?

Its not really a big deal wether you do or not, since you're helping people and contributing to this site either way, and I know that if you're a really dedicated user of Y!A there will be that one category that you'll post regularly in(For me that section is Comics&Animation), but do you think that its really a good thing to only just exclusively ask&answer in one section and not use any of the other sections of Y!A, or do you think its better to use a variety of Y!A's categories instead?

Answer this too, though it might take you awhile to answer:

What are all the Y!A sections that you have posted at least one question in?

Thanks for answering:)

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    I spend most of my time in the "Yahoo!Answers" category, since this is where I have my TC badge, and where I feel I can contribute and be of most help to other members.I think that it is a good idea for someone to ask and answer questions in a few categories,not just one exclusively.One reason is that it can become quite boring to participate in just one category only. Often the same questions are asked over and over again and you find yourself giving the same old answers.This is a bit of the case with my category Y!A.

    Another reason to frequent other categories is because it can broaden one's knowledge.You can learn new and different things by asking as well as by answering and viewing other answers given.You may also come across other interesting members with interesting profiles that you may end up being friends with and having as your contact.To be active in only one category is to limit yourself in gaining knowledge,helping others, and making friends.You don't get the full experience of the site.

    The categories in which I have posted at least one question are:

    1)Cricket e.g.;_ylt=AkKle...

    2)Rock and Pop e.g.;_ylt=AvTH7...

    3)Poetry e.g.;_ylt=Alv2d...

    4)Maintenance & Repairs e.g.;_ylt=AnrX3...

    5)Cleaning & Laundry e.g.;_ylt=AhiN7...

    6)Diet & Fitness e.g.;_ylt=AnOgg...

    7)Television>Drama e.g.;_ylt=AkK5V...

    8)Zoology e.g.;_ylt=AnrX3...

    9)Words& Wordplay e.g.;_ylt=AkK5V...

    10)Government e.g.;_ylt=AkKle...

    11)Jokes and Riddles

    12)Food and Drink




    16)Polls and Surveys

    17)Fashion and Accessories

    18)Cultures and Groups

    19)Astronomy and Space


    21)Infectious Diseases



    24)Yahoo! Answers



    27)Fast Food

    28)Games and Recreation

    29)Gender and Women studies

    30Careers and Employment

    31)Men's Health

    32)Books and Authors


    I have asked 408 questions in total since becoming a member in 2006

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    1 decade ago

    I do that frequently. What else ya' gonna' do to get that "TOP CONTRIBUTOR" Badge? I like education, so I mainly stay there. I like the Teaching Section. I know that I am helping people in the teaching section because sometimes students need help, sometimes people want to know what to do to become a teacher or get a job in education, and sometimes teachers even ask questions.

    I used to stay in the Polls and Surveys section, but the Teaching section has less users. You can meet more people that you can become close with and it's nice being a small place where you aren't bombarded with questions to answer. Plus the questions in the Teaching section tend to be meaningful., not just questions asked by some drunk person.

    Occasionally I like to visit other sections. It's like a Yahoo! Answers vacation. You just get tired answering the same kind of questions and you need a break.

    I tend to answer in the Teaching section now, but most of my questions are asked in the Polls and Surveys section. If not there, it's probably in the computer sections because I'm not very smart with computers.

    I have also asked in:

    Video & Online Games

    Politics and Government

    Media and Journalism

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    1 decade ago

    It certainly is tempting to stay in one section, especially once you get to know the people from that particular section and begin answering their questions and vise versa.

    For me, my main section will always be Books & Authors. The majority of my contacts are from that section, and I find their questions interesting and their answers helpful. It's the section I know the most about and can give the best answers in.

    I also like to use other sections too though. I use Comics & Animation quite a bit, in hopes of maintaing my badge and finding some interesting questions about anime. Once in a while i'll ask answer in other sections too if my contacts ask something there or star a question I find interesting. Some good ones are Yahoo! Answers, Psychology, Philosophy, and P&S (though sometimes I really dislike the people who hang around there).

    I've asked questions in:

    - Books & Authors

    - Comics & Animation

    - Lyrics

    - Polls & Surveys

    - Yahoo! Answers

    - Psychology

    - Other - Environment

    - Other - Sports

    - Movies

    - Video & Online Games

    - Mathematics

    - Other - Music

    - Youtube

    - Other - Computers

    Most of those are from when I use to use yahoo! answers for help on homework and such. Now I use it as a past time to enjoy myself.

  • Personally,I think it'd be boring to stick to just 1.

    What are all the Y!A sections that you have posted at least one question in?

    Comics & Animation

    Polls & Surveys

    Rock and Pop

    First Aid

    Other - Health


    Independance Day


    Yahoo! Answers

    Other - Internet

    Source(s): KM
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    It's good to answer on topics you know about, but variety is also good. I answer in a few categories, but only ones I know a little bit about, and I think that's a good idea.

    I've posted at least one question in: Dogs, Cats, Books and Authors, Polls and Surveys, Mental Health, Comics and Animation... I'll edit if I think of more.

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    staying in one category is useful for that category's users, 'cuz I must know lots of things connected to that category and it'd make me wise or whatever so yeah people would get great helps from me ^^

    but if I use a variety of categories then it'd be useful for me, 'cuz it'd let me discover lots of things and experience new things and it's also useful for your mental state (lol) we all know humans need changes in their life or else it'd be dull and boring... you know the same routine over and over again.... so yeah variety of things is good for your health :P


    What are all the Y!A sections that you have posted at least one question in?

    ~ oh wow O_o, I swear I wanted to ask this question here but you stole it *glare*

    ok here're they:

    ~Religion & Spirituality

    ~Words and word play (something like that lol)




    ~Maths (when I wanted to do my homework I sucked in)

    ~oh how can I forget this one?! >> Comics & Animation << aka C&A


    ~Books & Authors

    ~Polls & Surveys aka P&S



    ~Yahoo! Answers (this section)

    ~Jokes & Riddles



  • Azzz33
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    1 decade ago

    Hello again :)

    Well I think its better to stay for the most part in one since then you can start to meet people from that section :D

    Like for me i wonder of to other places, most of the times i don answer question, but i just look around XD but i stay in C&A cause thats where i feel like I am more connected and belong lol I always like to see my fellow manga/anime companions what they think.

    What are all the Y!A sections that you have posted at least one question in?

    ---->Entertainment and Music: C&A

    Beauty and style:hair, skin&body and other,

  • 1 decade ago

    well it may depend!!

    1st is if you really are helpful and knowledgeable to that specific category you can always stay

    2nd is if you are really a person who wants to discover new things in life then you can always switch category you want!

    What are all the Y!A sections that you have posted at least one question in?

    --if i remember the ff ones are







    that's all!! awesome question!!haha!

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    Polls & Surveys because I can't remember seeing a serious question here in all my time

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    i explore different sections myself, not just Comics and Animation. i spend a lot of time in polls and surveys, religion and spiritually, mythology and folklore, and lately i've been in the celebrities and Adolescent section.

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