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Question about horse boots?

I've always been a polo wrap girl, because i think they're the best. but my half leaser, who jumps my horse, hasn't been using any protection on her because she doesn't know how to wrap and i don't trust her to learn how on my horse. (polos can do a lot more harm than good if wrapped wrong). what can anyone recommend as far as protection for my horse, that's easy for my half leaser? obviously, she should just learn to wrap a polo correctly, but i don't want her to learn on my horse.

i have a pair of those woof double lock brushing boots. would those be okay?

my half leaser and i both jump about 2'6" max on my pony. also, my pony is a little chubby right now due to a recent positive testing for IR, and is on hormone/metabolic therapy, but her weight is definitely contributing to her minor lameness. so anything with support AND protection.

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    teach her how to wrap. make her do it a few times a day. don't let her work the pony with the wraps on until the wraps are good, but also beware that many boots can be just as dangerous if not put on properly. one small tug in the wrong place can quickly lead to a bowed tendon. Woof boots generally are thick enough (don't have enough give) to create problems, but again, one strap loose and one tight can make a lame horse i know you don't want you pony to have problems. so the best way to deal with it is by educating your co-leaser.

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    The best thing that you could probably do , is either teach her and watch her do it a few times until your comfortable with her doing it , as it is very easy to learn , and if shes a good horse person she will learn it fast and know the risks if its done wrong.. if you don't feel like spending the time with it, you can use splint boots and bell boots. They are both very safe with jumping as they are light weight and both are great protection from injuries. i use it when i cattle pen/sort, barrels poles with my western horses , and i also use them with my hunter/jumpers. they are a great thing to have in the barn. you can get open and closed ones , whichever you prefer, and they are not expensive. you just have to make sure they fit your horse. and again they have to be put on correctly, if they aren't , they can still cause damage.

    i hope this helps.

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    I would suggest SMB boots or open front jumping boots. The SMB boots can be used for all purpose like cross country and trial along with jumping and are really supportive with the fetlock I use both kinds of boots on my horse. The open fronts r more respectable in a show ring though.

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    try neoprene splint boots and over reach boots( bell boots) also find out a good day for you and you half leaser can meet up, and find a plastic horse leg, availibe at your tack shops and on line and teach her how to wrap the polo wraps, make her do it untill she gets it right.. hope this helps ♥

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    You are right about polos, you need to know how to wrap properly. I would go with boots and be sure she knows you still need to use even pressure on all the straps. I like the fleece lined boots.

    Good luck!

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    If you don't want someone else to learn on *your* horse, then you shouldn't have a half leaser.

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    I use Classic Equine boots on my horses or Bar-F. (But I think Bar-F went out of business.)

    If my horses can run barrels in them I'm sure your pony wouldn't have any restrictions jumping in them.

    The Classic Equine boots are super supportive and really easy to put on.

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    horses wear shoes not boots

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    roma open fronts. they are very protective and pretty cheap

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