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Where is the best city in upstate NY with a good art community,not a lot of snow,and cost of living is afforda?

Hi,I'm 21 and im a graphics major.I've lived in NJ my whole life and I'm considering moving to upstate NY.So far I have looked into Albany and Syracuse.From what I have read Syracuse has a pretty good art community and Albany has a decent cost of living.

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    By far, the City of Buffalo is your best bet. Excellent art community, relatively inexpensive...excellent educational system/universities. Friendly...very convenient.

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    If your going to live in upstate NY your gonna see a lot of snows! My best bet would be Buffalo, but your going to see alot of snow.....

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    circumstances sq., Union sq., and Penn Station are in all probability the sole issues i like approximately ny city...the folk are a love/hate difficulty to, some are exciting and great, maximum are effin jerks

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    Woodstock is known to be artsy though don't know much about apt/housing costs.

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