advice for Warped Tour please?

im going to warped tour with my friend next week for the first time and I have no idea what to expect.... ive searched and i know all about not wearing flip flops or flats and always having sunscreen on and not going into the middle of the mosh pits and bringing water but i have more questions.....

*please from people that have been to it*

1) what is a good outfit to wear ? (describe please)

2) should i bring my little digital camera? would it get stolen or broken? 'cause otherwise id have to bring a disposable camera and they dont take very good pics do they?

3) how do i wear my hair? it's really long and i always wear it down because i dont like it in a ponytail but i probably cant wear it down, there, can i.....

4) could i bring a bag that i can wear over my shoulder(i would put my camera, my phone, sunglasses, signing stuff, in it) instead of a little draw string backpack?

5) can you get pictures with the bands?

6) aaannndddd any other really good advice for warped tour?

thanks!!!! :]


2 more questins. what's the free stuff that people are saying you can get? what stuff and how is it free??

and should i bring a hat? i found somewhere, i should brin/wear a abaseball cap or something?

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    2-Bring it you dont want to miss anything and pictures last longer

    3-you could but it would get tangley sweaty and caught probably people will eat it in the mosh pits lol

    4-absolutely just keep track of it

    5-most of them

    6-drink LOTSSSSSSS of water:))


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    1). Dress for the weather. Don't wear flip flops

    2). I've taken my digital camera to warped tour and have not lost it or broken it. Just hold on to it when your in the crowd you should be fine. Disposable cameras are only good when your in the way front.

    3). Put it in a ponytail especially if you have long hair. Your hair will get in everyones face in the crowd.

    4). That would get annoying. I recommend taking a backpack.

    5). Yes you can. Some bands do signings throughout the day and some bands hang out at their tent selling merch and chillin.

    6). -Drink lots of water, -Take a pen, -Guard your head and face from crowd surfers. -

    Source(s): WT 03-08
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