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is this a Pure Breed Lab? or a mix?

heres the link


is this a pure breed or mix? if its a mix, what is it mixed with?




Update 2:

the rest of the link after cgi is


Update 3:

sorry about that

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    lab mix...possibly with greyhound given the long skinny tail and the white on his chest...but he looks more like greyhound and pit bull to me...these adoption places are famous for labeling every black dog a lab mix when the are most often pit bull mixes cuz they know no one will adopt them if they tell them the truth,,,that and most of them know little about the hundreds of dog breeds out there

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    Definitely a mix. According to the Labrador's AKC website, a lab is only a lab if it's one of three SOLID colors: yellow, black, or chocolate.

    She does have a square head, which suggest something bully like a Pit Bull Terrier or American Staffordshire Terrier. It's hard to say for sure just looking at a dog. I should note that American Pit Bull Terriers do come in black, by the way.

    Se does seem like a very nice dog, and I hope the fact that she's not purebred would deter you from considering giving her a home!

  • Anonymous
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    The ad says it's a mix. Since she has such long legs, I'm guessing she's mixed with some kind of sight hound. You probably will never know for sure.

  • c L
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    She is a beautiful mix. Looks like she is mixed with some medium size dog. Her ears seem a bit large, so some sort of hound?

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    its a mix.. whats it mixed with? Who knows? There may be several breeds in the mix. It may not even have any lab it it.. theres plenty of breeds that come in black, but people tend to see a large, black shorthaired dog and automatically assume its a lab mix.

    The long legs and the shape of the ears makes me thing there may be some kind of sighthound in there.. greyhound or whippet maybe

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Honestly. Is it too hard for you to read the first damn sentence about this dog?

    "Oreo is a beautiful little girl! This Labrador Retriever mix has a shiny.."

    MIX= Not purebreed, it is in fact a MIX with one breed obviously being labrador retriever...

    Don't waste others time if you can't simply read or post the entire link..

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    Your link is not working correctly. Right click to highlight the address in the top bar, copy, then go back to "Answers", place cursor, right click, then paste.

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    Try copying and pasting the entire link from the bar, it would be much easier and less confusing :)

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    Can you add the entire link?

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    the ink didnt worked at all.

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