Late Pa Unemployment EB Benefit payment?

Is there anyone else experiencing a delay in your last extended benefit unemployment check? I mailed out my eb form last Wedsnesday and haven't received my payment yet. I received my last packet of (4) eb forms this past Saturday. Did anyone else get 4 when there is one one week left? I'm totally confused and there isn't a number to even contact them.


Thanks for you response. I understand we shouldn't rely upon unemployment to provide for our families, but what if there is no other choice? I have applied to atleast 5 jobs a day! It's hard and people really take forever to call you back. I like the days when you can go into the job and apply. Now everything is internet and you just hope they even come across your resume. Well, I appreciate the very helpful response. Just know, some people are really looking for work!

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    Unemployment Insurance funds are paid into by the employers. It's an insurance fund. However, there is so much demand due to high unemployment that many states' UI funds are running dry.

    Extended benefits are a different story. These do not come out of the insurance fund (that employers paid into). Instead, they come out of general tax revenues. With tax receipts plummeting, states are running out of money. Only 6 states are solvent at present.

    Look at California. They are out of money and have not passed a new 2010 budget. So they are paying with IOUs for things they absolutely have to pay. These IOUs will have to be turned in at some point after CA passes a budget and gets some tax revenue and can start paying its bills again. Also, with high unemployment and staff furloughs (no money to pay state workers), processing times are running 12 - 16 weeks for initial unemployment claims. This state is a bellweather for what is going on -- or what is coming -- for many states.

    PA, of course, is one of the vast majority of states that is running low on tax funds. Payments are probably being held up awaiting some more tax revenue.

    Anyone who is dependent on taxpayer funds needs to be aware that these funds can no longer be relied upon! Especially from states. States, of course, cannot print money. Taxpayers are broke! The Feds will print money -- they already are, by the trillions. This means the US dollar will probably go to toilet paper. Do not count on federal bailouts, federal benefits, etc, for much longer.

    In Ireland, welfare payments for persons with children have been cut 20% already. People are being moved off welfare as fast as possible. This is a worldwide phenomenon - taxpayers are broke, tax revenues are down, and taxpayer-funded benefits must be cut.

    You'll probably get your last unemployment check. But be aware that you have nothing to fall back on but yourself and your family. You have to find a way to support yourself. Ditto for everyone out there.

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    the governor need lunch money so he took your check

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