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Does the Golden state Warriors have any rivals.?

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    There's not one specified rival for the Warriors




    are the all rivals of the Warriors

  • Lakers for sure. The last 3 years, it has gotten more fair. We went 2-2 in 07 and 08, with a couple of classics in 08, and although we went 0-4 this year, 3 out of the 4 games where great down the wire.

    The Kings would be the biggest rivals. Both teams play in Nor-Cal, and the Kings have a history of taking ex-warriors. Even though many of the games are good, there haven't been enough meaningful games to really get a rivalry going.

    LAC and PHX are not rivals, but just not liked

    Dallas is on the boarder of being rivals. We hate them, but it's only been one series, and a lot of our team has changed. If there is another playoff series or great game soon, it would establish a rivalry.

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    the warriors and lakers are not fact they are far from it.

    you see what makes a rivalry is not the fist fighting or msack talking that goes on between the players.

    what makes a rivalry is two teams who are both GOOD,talented teams who compete in hard fought games, usually very meaningful games.

    Duke and UNC are rivals because they are at the top of the ACC every year always competing ofr a national championship.

    smae reason the lakers and celtics are rivals, because they both are usually competing for the NBA title.

    the bad blood that comes with the fights is just an added ingredient. but in order for a team to have a rival, they have to have competed in serious games against each other.

    last time i checked the lakers and warriors have not

  • No REAL rivals yet I would just say their fellow state teams like the Clippers, Kings, and Lakers

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    as of now, no

    but 2-3 years ago, when they scored 100+ per game, they were competing with Denver and Phoenix...

    but they never really had any REAL rivals, like "Boston and LA"-type

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    Yes, the Lakers. That's about it.

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    ...Nope. We're too good.

    Our outstanding record of 29-53 says it all.

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