how come every time someone black get arrested they say its a race crime?

I mean why cant they accept the fact they did something wrong.

There were 6 black who jumped a white boy at school.

they were charged with attempt of murder.

The boy was sent to ccu (critical care) at the hospital.

the black boys got rev al sharpton to come defend them.

why dont black get charged just like whites .

I know when i get charged with a crime

I cannot get off by saying it was a racial issue.

Has the world became scared to charge blacks like they should?

How come white people dont have what blacks do?

Why cant we have a wet tv channel?

That would be racist right?

Well why are the blacks able to get away with it?

Why do blacks have naacp and organization just for them?

If i had a organization that only support white people i would be racist right? So how come they can get away with it? I also know what we have done to them was wrong. That really is just facts of life . Whites has been slave too. So have jews. I really dont want to get in to how many races has been slaves. we can do that all day. So why is it that we still have to listen to this bull on raceism. because its not racism when you dis obey laws. then to my other Q why do they get all the right if u ask me i say there the ones with raceism issues with bet and naacp al sharpton jesse jackson, all these people coming to help out there fellow brothers if you ask me that sounds racist right there.


well gam i see your point but i was in a car fully loaded with white people and they pulled us over saying same thing. diffrence was no one went to jail. no did anything wrong. so it sounds like to me they did somthing wrong. at no pit did you say they said oh your black so were you get the money.

Update 2:

no actually that would be considerd racist to do all that like you say u try it and see if. i know it wasnt given to him the man who made bet i never said blacks dont work for what they get. i said why cant whites do that without getting a big race riot. i am part of a mormon church blacks were not alowwed to become a bishop. but what do you know big race riot and now we have to. so read up on facts and real stuff please b4 you sound like a fool thanks.

Update 3:

oh and what was that hate crime he commited it was still 6 on 1 no matter what somone does is no call for violence even if he did do a hate crim what does that have to do with what they did. you cant go kill the person that called a name and say it was his fault cause he called me a name

Update 4:

i was responding to the anwser of the lady who said about the 6 who jumped the white boy i was sayng that no matter what sumone says does not matter for attempt of murder and that crime happen here in fl where i live so i very familier with it

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    Plane and simple

    We live in a society that will not accept responsibility for its actions

  • 1 decade ago

    First of all if ne thing white ppl get away w/ murder just like / the micheal jackson skin case. This man had vitiligo but ppl was puttin it out like he bleached his skin to be lighter. And even if he did I dont hear ppl puttin Brad Pitt or Paris Hilton down for tanning their skins looking like light skinned black ppl w/ blonde hair and blue eyes. Second if you want a wet then you start one up just like a black man took the time out to start bet up. It was not given to him u kno. And also the naacp is not just 4 black ppl it for every race of ppl. as a matter of fact 2 white ppl helped started it in the early 20th century. If you want whites to have certain organizations then yall get together and start one. cuz it really dont matter. and u must have failed to remember that the white boy that was jumped committed a hate crime and hate crimes are against the law but i dont see them taking him to jail for it. all im sayin is all this stuff you talkin about blacks gettin special privs is a bunch of bs. as far as blacks having their own tv channel yall white ppl have plenty. mtv for example they wouldn't even play black videos the first black vid that they start playing was micheal jackson's so sweetie all that bull that u talkin about is stupid and u are only entertaining urself and other rascist whites.

  • 1 decade ago

    SOmetimes they didn't do anything wrong.My cousins got a new car they were riding in it they weren't speeding(I was in the back) And like 4 cops pulled us over and asked "Where did we steal the car from?" We had just bought the car 2 days ago. They said they bought it and they asked where we got the money and all that.The cops arrested them and of course I had to go to so I waited for my aunts to come and get us.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Well I guess you have the power of teleportation to be able to get around the whole world to take note of what all black people say when they get arrested.

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    offering up 'race crime' stirs conflict which is wanted by libs.

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