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Did my water break? Or is this something else?

im 35 weeks pregnant 2cm dilated

i had 3 really bad contractions that dropped me to my knees

they all was about 30 mins apart

then i went to the bathroom n noticed my underwear was wet

and it had soaked threw to my jeans but it was only a little bit

then about a hour later i got up and my friend was like your pants are wet and i looked and had big wet mark so i went into the bathroom and there was a little yellow slimmy stuff on the toilet paper

its not pee it did not smell like it and i did not have to go

and its not sweat her house is very nice and cold

so what could this be???

please help

did my water break?

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    yeah it definitely sounds like it could be. If you even suspect that your water may have broken you need to get to the doctor and get it checked out close to immediately! If you don't deliver that baby within 24 hours of your water breaking you are putting that baby at risk for major complications and even death. I know from experience. Time to head to the hospital to see..

  • Vicky
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    1 decade ago

    This sounds like your mucus plug came loose, and that you might be leaking fluid. IMO you should get medical attention within the next 12 hours or so. It's dangerous to go for more than 24 hours with leaking amniotic fluid, but there might not be a need to go to the ER quite yet. If you get bleeding or cramping/contractions, call your doctor's 24-hour line. Otherwise, you can probably wait until first thing tomorrow morning.

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    My plug came out and looked like a loogey. Couple days later went for my 2 am pee, and when I crawled back into bed, I felt a gushing inside, but nothing on the outside. Had the baby 3 days later and they told me my water had been broke and the only thing keeping fluid in was my babies head! The pumped fluid into me ASAP, and my husband and myself couldn't believe we didn't go to the hospital after that gush. So long story longer... GO!!

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    It sounds like ur water broke. Go to the hospital but if you wanna be sure without making a trip, call the hospital you are to be delivering at and talk with a nurse but I am sure they are gonna tell you to come in. Good Luck and congrats.

    Source(s): mom of 2 and 20 weeks prego
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    It could have broke, but with how much you had, it could just be that it is leaking. I would go to the doctor and find out, especially since you are having contractions also. Congrats by the way

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    Go to the hospital!! It sounds like your waters broke. And if they haven't and your plug has come loose it can be really dangerous.

    I would go and get it checked out. Good luck

  • Josie
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    1 decade ago

    sounds like your water broke! I would go to the hospital or call your doctor.

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    yes it sounds like your water broke i would start with your birthing plan. if that includes a hospital i think you should get there so you dont end up with a dry birth.

  • Anonymous
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    dude i thinnk your water broke even if your not sure you should call a docter! SOON!

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    call a doctor to see.

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