if im slowly leaking fluid and dont go to the e.r?

i am 34 weeks and 4 days preggers with baby number 1. I have been having a thin watery what i think is discharge for a week now. its watery thin and clear, dont smell like urine smells milky which is weird...i have to wear a panty liner because sometimes i have a lot. if this is actually my water slowly leaking would i have cramps or anything? and if it is my water leaking and i dont go the e.r to get checked can it have bad affects on the baby or will it just make me start having contractions due to fluid loss? i have a dr.s apt on aug 4th and want to wait til then to get it checked but if its a bad idea...i can call now

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    You need to have this checked out as soon as possible. The decreased fluid can have a negative effect on your baby. No you dont have to have cramps or contractions when your fluid is leaking. Sometimes it just happens.

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    You should call now. I was leaking amniotic fluid for a week and didn't realize it. It didn't smell sweet like everyone told me it would. I thought it was just regular discharge, but I was wrong. When amniotic fluid gets low it causes cord problems for the baby. By the time I went to the hospital, I was leaking blood and my level was down to 2 (it is supposed to be around 14). I would go and get checked just to make sure if I were you.

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    You need to go get checked if your water is leaking slowly. It can have a number of bad effects on baby if it is and you do not do anything. Infection is a huge risk, since there would be a hole in the amniotic sac. Also, low fluid levels for a prolonged period makes baby distressed. Please get it checked to be sure, better safe than sorry.

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    If you think you're leaking fluid you need to go to the hospital, NOW.

    It can be very dangerous to have ruptured membranes.. not only are you open to infection that can be passed to the baby, but you're also at risk of lowering your fluid levels to a dangerous ammount.. if your fluid gets too low, the baby will have no way to survive in there.

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  • Amanda
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    you need to go to the ER, leaking fluid is serious and you should go! Good luck and Congrats!

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    I'd take one of the sanitary pads to your OB department for them to check what the liquid is. I wouldn't take any risks. It could simply be leukorrhea, but you never know. Or call them first and see what they say.

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