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What is your favorite horror film?

Or what are your favorite horror films?

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    Texas Chainsaw Massacre, the remake one.

    Amityville Horror.

    The Grudge 1-2

    Haunting in Connecticut.

    Saw I - IV and more.

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    A French film from the early 60s, "Eyes Without a Face." It seems very old-fashioned today, but I still love it.

    The original Alien is still very effective.

    Rosemary's Baby. (I read that Stephen King considers this one of the greatest American horror films ever.)

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    Exorcist Series

    The Omen Series


    The Shining with Stephen Weber as Innkeeper

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    Horror is an element of film, not a genre applicable to realworld space-time fiction.

    The film I admire most is "Curse of the Mummy's Tomb".

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    Jeepers Creepers

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    The Strangers

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    A Tale of 2 Sisters but it's in Korean.

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    The Grudge

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    The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. :]

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