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When will Lindsay Lohan make her triumphant return to her throne as "Queen of the Matinee"?

Lindsay Lohan is the hottest celebrity in Hollywood right now, or ever.

The only reason she is not starring in every other Hollywood blockbuster is because there is a conspiracy against her started by the puppet masters of the gossip-media.

How long will Ms. Lohan's dedicated fans and followers have to wait until her triumphant return to her throne as Queen of the Matinee?

And she will make a return, so you may as well get on board now because it is a fact, not a possibility.

So, how much longer will we have to wait before the conspiracies of the gossip-media puppeteers are exposed and the producers rediscover the greatest actress who ever lived?

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    There is no question that Ms. Lohan is going thru the exact same thing that Jesus Christ went thru during his crucifixion!!!

    There will be a second coming indeed! Ms. Lohan is back!

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    I prefer not to focus on one phase of Ms. Lohan's quadripartite transition, but rather her ultimate manifestation as a timeless, ephemeral being of truth, beauty, wisdom and love. I only hope that one day, should I be worthy, I may kneel, spiritually naked, humbled, and vulnerable, before her final manifestation, and receive her grace, the light that is brighter than any light, into my spirit. But if you really want to pin me on it, I'll guess next Tuesday (but if someone already said Tuesday I'll go for Wednesday).

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    I don't think she's THAT great of an actress. She's just okay in my book. So I guess the reason is because some people have the same opinion as me.

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    Hah, you should be her PR person.

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    Bet your ****.

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