Will realhotstuff still sell the r4 ds and where else can I buy it?

I checked realhotstuff today and didn't find the regular r4 on the site. Have they stopped making them or has realhotstuff just stopped selling them? If this is so where else can I get the regular r4 that is reliable and ships within a week?


But that site the currency is euros I am in the USA.

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    I've boughr r4 here:


    Here you can find also R4i for nintendo DSi, but for my DSi I've bought an Acekard 2i, because the team of r4 is dead and all R4 you can find are fake. So sooner or later you'll couldn't find the updated firmware for R4 or R4i

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    1 decade ago

    First of all the ORIGINAL R4 is a GONER! For the PAST 2 years the market has been FLOODED with R4 clones like R4 III or R4 this or that!! BUT after 2 years a well known flash cart company known as M3 has developed the R4i SDHC which is compatible with the DS & DSi

    Its a great card and great build! I would rather buy locally and get my orders in within a week. Same day shipping, authentic stuff, - then i would highly recommend mygamingmart



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    Hey there,

    If you're looking for a reliable place to buy real DS cards, I'd recommend www.NDS-Gear.com - mainly because they ship by next day worldwide, but also because they test every single card before sending so you don't get a card that doesn't work. You can also e-mail them questions, even before you buy - and they tend to reply within about a day. I've bought mine from there (they are the third store I've tried but I'm sticking with them!) and several more since for friends and family.

    Best of luck!

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