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I don't know what to do, should I believe him and continue to wait for him?

Back in June I met this man. He was something else, everytime we spoke I couldn't stop smiling, my stomach was queezy, and I was very light headed. He made me...happy. That's rare for me to feel happy, I've been depressed since I was a small child...and a pessmist. He made me believe. Made me feel...special, important..they say when you find true love, you just know, that's how I felt, and he claimed he felt too. Before he and I got together I was with someone else, but I ended it with him because I didn't feel right falling for someone else while with another.. The guy I fell for, had had two other girlfriends whole "waiting for me" but dumped then both for me..after what felt like years, we actually said I love you.. He ashes me to be his, and I said yes..oh, h and I has never met..sad, I know to fall for someone I've never met..butnit happened...we also live two hours apart..which is enough to keep us apart..we went for only a week before he decided to end it because he was unsure if he could handle the distance..and wanted to take sometime I see if he could do it without "fen everything up" a day later I find he's already with someone else...who lived an hour from him, and had never met either. Then about another week later, girlfriend messages me and said they had been together for nearly a month..which would mean he had cheated..she and I talked, ad I found out he had been lying about loving me, and said it to make me less sad .and later that day he admitted to it..but said he stopped loving me a few days after we ended..but told me he would love me again "No doubt about it." after another week (I'mcursed with weeks I think )he broke it off with her, and right after went back to saying I love you after stopping for the last week because he didn't. He said, "I told you I would love you again, you're my everything.." but he still didn't want to date for the same reason as before,.once more, a week later we admits to being "in love" with another girl..he told me because he had promised I keep nothing from me.. But I don't believe you can be in love with two people at once and have it be true...but he does. A few days later he told me me he wanted to ask her out but didn't because he knew it would hurt me(she also lived an hour from him) I told him to do whatever made him happy..because that's all I want for that night..:he asked her out..and told me the next we talked ad he said he never actually stopped loving me..and only said hedid so his at the time girlfriend wouldn't dump him...and told me he lied about lovng me when he really wasn't lying because he didn't want her to find out in any way...he also said he loved me more than his girlfriend...but felt like he should give her a chance..and if I need him, just call...and he'd drop whatever he's doing... Everyday for the last three weeks he has called me after he wakes up, by I just want to kill myself..I can't stand it...when she "hacks" his myspace and boasts about how much she loves me, and his about me which he just changed today. It said.." I have the los amazing girlfriend ever, -her name- I love her so much much. She's perfect in every way. I'm so glad I have her in my life." he put a picture of her up as well yesterday..and he saw through my voice that it hurt me and said he'd delete it for me...but I don't want to be one of those girls who makes a guy she cares for do that JUST beveude it kill her inside.....I'm so heart is shattering:.I can't take it I want to die...he keeps promising he loved me so much and more than I love him...and that sooner or later we will be together again...but he keeps telling his girlfriend "I love you so much babygurl, I'm yours forever, always and forever." I want to trust believe that he really does love me...but it hurts...he's lied before, but he's clearing the lies up and I know basically the truth to a lot of because of his new girl and all This,..I don't know... I don't know how much longer I can go on...I'm so unsure if he's just playing me or what...I need your opinions/advice please.:.I really do love him.....I know it's real..

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    waiting for someone only makes you feel like a fool in the end ive done it before and they is a name for it and it is called being a door mat

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