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What are your opinions on these names?

The first name is the only one where I have a first and middle name picked out.


- Harper Marie

- Sophia

- Tasha

- Jordan


- Jeremiah

- Darren

- Braeden

Thank you. :)


No no no. I'm not pregnant. Just brainstorming for when I am someday in the very distant future!

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    - Harper Marie; I like the name Harper, and Marie is so cute. I think the Marie gives it that girly touch.

    - Sophia; I have a friend called Sophia :) It's pretty. Her name is Sophia Claire. You might want to consider that.

    - Tasha; My cousin's name is Tasha Rose :) I think Tasha is really cute.

    - Jordan; I always saw Jordan as a boy's name. Sorry.


    - Jeremiah; I definitely prefer this to Jeremy.

    - Darren; I liked this until I watched this British show with a guy called Darren on it.

    - Braeden; Braeden is really nice :) There's a boy in my science class called Brayden Cole.

  • Kate
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    1 decade ago


    Harper Marie - really just seems like a boys name to me. I have to admit that it sounds nice with Marie though

    Sophia - always have loved it!

    Tasha - Okay in my books

    Jordan - its one of those unisex name that i actually don't mind for both girls and boys! nice name :)


    Jeremiah - great, solid name

    Darren - a tough sounding name, i don't imagine it on a baby that much, but it is still a good name

    Braeden - Nice, but i have been hearing it a lot lately, getting a bit too trendy


    Harper Marie - Harmony Marie, Harleigh Marie

    Sophia - Sophia Rae, Sophia Bree, Sophia Hope

    Tasha - Tasha Marie, Tasha Grace, Tasha Paige

    OR - **Anastasia "Tasha" Grace, Natasha "Tasha" Faith**

    Jordan - Jordan Georgianna, Jordan Isabelle, Jordan Ann

    Jeremiah - Jeremiah Scott, Jeremiah Thomas

    Darren - Darren Lucas, Darren Tristan, Darren James

    Braeden - Braeden Jordan, Braeden Samuel

    OR - Brandon Alexander, Brendon Xaiver

    Hope this helps


  • 1 decade ago

    Harper Marie is pretty.

    Sophia is pretty too! Sophia Mae or Sophia Skye is lovely!

    Tasha is unique! I like it!

    Tasha Claire, Tasha Faith

    Jordan I LOVE for a girl! Jordan Kate, Jordan Hope

    Jeremiah is nice!

    Darren is also good!

    And I love Braeden!

    You have really good taste in names!!!!!!!

    I love Harper And Braeden the most ;)


  • 1 decade ago

    Harper Marie

    Sophia Grace

    Tasha Isis

    Jordan Alma

    Jeremiah Chase

    Darren Lee

    Braeden James

    Source(s): ME!!!
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  • I dont care for Harper Marie...

    Sophia Marie

    Tasha Marianne

    Jordyn Grace

    Jeremiah Reece

    Darren James

    Braeden Alexander

  • 1 decade ago

    for a girl, the only one i like is Sophia. Tasha is a nickname and the other two are very masculine. Sophia Marie would be pretty.

    for a boy, i love Jeremiah and then Darren. i don't like that spelling of Braden.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Sohpia is okay, Tasha comes from Natasha.

    Jordan is a boy's name. comment.

    Marie is a beautiful middle name :)

    Darren sounds like an awesome boy's name, Jeremiah is cute, not a fan or Braeden.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Harper Marie-Modern & Classy

    Sophia Olivia or Sophia Elisabeth-Classic and Elegant

    Tasha Jordan-Modern & Sporty

    Jordan Ann-Cute

    Jeremiah Bradley-Southern sounding but a nice name

    Darren Maxwell-Classic with a modern twist

    Braeden James-I don't really like Braeden-too trendy but it sounds good with James

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I don't personally like Harper. Sophia is pretty. Tasha is OK. I like the name Jordan.

    I like Jeremy better than Jeremiah. I don't really like Darren or Braeden.

  • 1 decade ago

    these names are nice now but you need to wait until your child is on the way, plus they need to sound right with the last name. Sophia is a great name but not if the last name is Soffman. Things to think about....

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