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Tell me about the best prank call you've ever made?

What's the best (or worst) prank call you've ever made? Give as much detail as possible. One that makes me laugh gets best answer. :)

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    There was two good times:

    1. Me and my friends were really bored so we called a random number, this is how it went:

    Friend: 'Hi, this is Sally from the 'Adult Sexytime online store', I'm just confirming your order for the 'Big Girl blow up doll', 'Men, Men, Men Magazine' and your assortment of anal probes, is this correct sir?

    Random Guy: 'Uhhh no, I think you've got the wrong number'

    Friend: 'Well what's your name sir?'

    Random Guy: 'Umm Andrew Hayes'

    Friend: 'Yes thats the name we've got here'

    Random Guy: '\Wait, is this Miranda? Yeah i know its you, c'mon I'll tell dad i caught you f***king Ricky.'

    It turned out a million times better than we expected, imagine the awkward conversation he had with his sister later on...

    2. Me and my friend called a random number and we got an answering machine so we left a message saying ' Hi it's Jamie, call me back' , left it silent for a few seconds and then started making sex noises really loudly and then stopped and then said 'Wait stop, i think i left the phone on'

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    4 years ago

    I've made a lot I used to prank call 411 and ask them something like "do have an extra role of tiolet paper" or start to make a reuest and say I recognize they're voice as if they were a "friend from highschool" or ask if they wanted a bite of my cheesecake theres funnier but I didn't do the funnier ones X|

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    The best prank call has to be when me and my cousin called a random number and i was doing an accent and my name was shabalabadingdong and was asking for goat milk but the lady said she only had chocolate so i said that was fine then my cousin took the phone and said " hey i want to take my optimus prime and your megatron and transform all night" and all we got back was" do you want to drink chocolate milk and watch transformers" i think she was a mom since she told us do you want a sippy cup hahahaha and that was the longest prank call i ever did.

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    1 decade ago

    On the way home from an away lacrosse game, my friend called multiple people from almost every person on the buses contact list and told them to meet her behind the Gym at midnight. She went on to say that if they brought the "Stuff", shed bring the "goodies". My favorite response was from one of the girls on our teams extremly sexy older brother. " OK, sex muffin, but you're gonna have to make it quick" I laughed so hard the lax coach thought i was having a seizure

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    we said "this is gloria from save the whales" and asked if she wanted to sponser a whale. she guessed it was a prank call but we proved her wrong ;) after that we called a different number and said "this is save the whales foundation" then she (not the first person) said "gloria?" we laughed so hard after.

    the worst one was when my friend called my cousin (whose a guy my age) and said

    "your mom"

    "your face"

    "your..." for about a minute. it was about 4 am when he got the message and he couldn't go back to sleep. i felt bad so i told him later it was my friend.

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    i dunno where to start.

    me and my cousin prank call 24/7 hes 17 btw :DD

    This was kinda fun at first but when he fell for it..

    it started Gettin boringgg.

    so.we called my cousin's old friend from 2 years ago.

    and he doesnt know my voice so i talked.

    im alll like "heyy kevinnn.remember me!?"

    then he Goes "No who are you?"

    I'm like "from schoool.your stalker.i think

    your kinda cute.i Got your number from a friend"

    then he Goes "ohhhh.wanna meet tomorrow?"

    im like "uhhhh.."then my cousin with a fake

    nerdy voice Goes "ohh who is that?" im like

    "its kevin from school..the one you like!!"

    then kevins like "Like..? are youh gay?"(hes 16 btw xD,then it got super boringgg and shitt.but it was kinda funny.youuh had to be there.his reaction was dumbbb.)

    So thenn we hunq up =/

    it was to borinn.

    Worst prank:

    We called our cousin..well we dont like her thoo.shes 19.

    I Went: "heyyyy is kevin der?(her brotherr.i was pretendin i likeed him xD)"

    She went:"No Call back (really rudly tho..sooo that made me i changed the whole plan) -hangs up-

    I Went:"(Calls back 2 more times.)(thenkevin answerr.)"

    He goess: "Helloo??Who is this?(but he alrdy new it was me xD)

    I Went:(startttted cursin)

    He went: -hangggsup-

    So then i called backk.

    and left a nice messsage :DDD

    and heres the funny partt.

    we got in trouble =/

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  • 1 decade ago

    me and my friend called the girl i like(d) and pretended to be creepers. it seemed like she hung up, but there was no busy signal. so my friend said, rather loudly, "i know ur on the phone!" the reply came from her dad. he said "i know im on the phone". he sounded pissed. we immediately hung up

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  • 1 decade ago

    me and my friend called this DUDE and said we were from the cvs pharmacy and his pregnancy pills. we called again and said we were a magazine shop and we had his porn posters ready.


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