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how do i get a boyfriend?

i am not a popular pretty girl and i want to know how to get a boyfriend because i have never had one.

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    Well i dont really know how to answer this one because its a hard question with not enough details. I have never had a boyfriend either but I go on dates and stuff. It doesnt matter if you arent a popular pretty girl. Just dont go looking for a popular pretty guy.

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    you need to let yourself be known!

    I'm not exactly a fan of the word "popular" because

    the way they use it today is childish. But you have to give hints

    that you like someone, and don't be self conscious around them

    because boys like girls when they're themselves!

    I'm sure you've heard this about a million times, or maybe you haven't? I don't know you, but let me tell you: If you can't be yourself around someone, then you probably never will learn how to, so don't try too hard if they make you nervous or feel awkward.

    (besides the common awkward silence on a first date or when you're first alone)

    Also, it is good sign when you feel like you're near a close friend or if not, pretend like you are, be confident, relaxed. Fake it till you make it! Boys like girls who can hold themselves well.

    (I was told that by a boy himself)

    When you walk through the halls of your school, stand up straight, be beautiful, even if you think you're not, act it! People notice a confident girl. to stand up straight in a less straining way, don't pull your shoulders back, lift from your chest. also don't look down, you'll knock into people for sure. xD or try smokey eyes.

    and do you wear makeup? it may make you look a bit older if looking too young is your problem. wearing makeup is all about being sexy or looking older. the secret though, is to make it look like you're not wearing any makeup at all. go for a natural look that highlights the beauty in your face.

    or ask your mom for help if you haven't tried makeup yet

    try being friendly to the people he knows. it'll spread to him eventually and he'll notice that you're quite a charismatic and pretty girl :]

    -hope it helps. maybe not?-


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    1. Know what type of boy you're looking for.

    2. Get involved in activities that you enjoy to give yourself the chance to meet new guys.

    3. Introduce yourself.

    4. Get to know him.

    5. Become a friend, but not immediately.

    6. Show him how you can be an amazing friend.

    7. Boyfriends are nice to have.


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    Guys will never know you are looking for a boyfriend if you don't put yourself out there.

    Join groups, hang out at the spots where others are hanging out, smile and say hi to every other person in the hallway...

    but as everyone else is saying, most importantly, be yourself! If you like Anime, talk about anime. There's always going to be a guy who likes anime. If you like bowling, talk about bowling, etc.

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    Theres a lot to say in this answer.

    Self confidence.

    Okay idk how you look and you might actually be really hot and is just really down on herself BUT try goin to fantastic Sam's for a 9 dollar haircut. its cheap and they can give you pretty much ANY hairstyle you want. try to stay away from coloring your hair just plain black btw.

    as far as personality yourself BUT at the same time give it a makeover too.

    like (remember idk who you are or what your into) try to be a lil more flirtatious more outgoing but don't be a total goof.

    depending on your group of friends there might be guys that your hanging around all the time and you may like them and they might of not even noticed you in that way. So im sayin give yourself a lil makeover new hairstyle but some makeup on. (MAKE SURE YOU KNOw HOW BEFORE YOU SLAB ANYTHING ON). wear a cute pair of jeans wit a tank and a cute hoddie over. and hey your lookin smokin..

    when talking to a guy avoid anything that can make you look like a total NERD. like be yourself if you are but lay off the pokemon or world of war craft just at first then when you know hes into you slowy ease into how you like those things then hell be like Ha, your a dork...but its cute. Get what i mean?

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    im sure that u are pretty, but if u want boy to start noticing u, maybe try a new hairstyle, or some new clothes, try to b flirty. But, don't be desperate. Best of luck hone, hope u find a guy who likes every bit of u:)

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    ok this is what you should do you should just be yourself and go up to the guy that you like or have a crush on and ask him if you guys can go out and if he says no... dont get discouraged pick yourself back up and keep going and maybe someday some guy will come along you will have a good relationship with him

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    Well firstly why do you want a boyfriend?

    You don't need one.

    You have your whole life to find a guy.

    Besides it's what's inside that's important, not how you look or your social status..

    What's meant to be will find a way.

    Don't TRY to get a boyfriend, just be yourself, enjoy life..

    and when the times right, the right guy will find you.


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    be the best you can be with what you have. a makeover and lesson for using make-up is a good start.if you are over weight then lose some weight . joining groups that have both sexes is a good place to meet a guy. i saw a slogan that said "God didn't make no junk" and i believe that .

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    lol well first of all find a guy you find a attractive

    try to dress nice and be yourself but personally I like pretty girls who wear pink and are real girly blah blah blah you dont have to be popular to do that btw. But however I myself do have a crush on a Tom Boy but shes kinda girly.......

    next try to smell nice and work on your hair which im sure you already do... personally I like girls who have blond straight hair. But dont dye your hair >.< I hate it when girls do that! >.<

    Try to walk up to your crush and try to have your normal personallity and dont try to hard with looks OR personality. Chat with him like have you seen that movie? or something like that.

    for more info email me at Im a guy myself and trust me I know alot.

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