Whats it like to be a teenager?

This sounds silly... but Im 15 and I act like an adult... I only have one real friend and its hard trying to find time to hang out with her because she always has a full schedule. I dont know how to be a teen? as silly as that sounds its true... So what do I do. What makes a teenager? I just need some advice I guess... Im tired of sitting at home and not doing anything on the weekends. Im tired of being a loner and not knowing anyone. So what do I do?

Serious answers only please... this is a really hard issue for me right now.


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  • Sarah
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    You pretty much act like lots of teenagers I know.

    You do not act like an adult, trust me.

  • Being a teenager is a very confusing process.It's a emotional rollercoaster with everything sex,school and grades.It's like being in between childhood and adulthood but it could also be fun. Actually I have the same problem as far as being tired of being at home all the time.I think you'll start to feel like a teenager.Just try to involve yourself in activities to meet people your age and talk them. That's what I'm doing good luck to you.

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    Well if you try to make new friends you can hang out with them more i guess. kinda a hard question to answer because it depends on who you are. Being a teenager dosent mean being out of the house with your friends 24/7 (although my brother thinks so) Being a teenager is to me is all about having fun. So whether youre in your house or with friends, as long as youre having fun and not paying bills, youre being a teenager.

    Source(s): im 15 =]
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    Darl, Your are teenager your age is one hing that makes you a teenager. I act like a adult most of the time have friends a few years older then me and I act like a adult MOST of the time not always. I still act like a kid my age at times will ALL do.

    anyway good luck cheers

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  • Since you are a girl, here's the "How to be a teen for girls":

    Be boy crazy.

    Teens often argue with their parents and go out late [even get in trouble for it]

    you can act like an adult sometimes.

    Teens try to find themselves through music.

    We are into fashion of different styles, whichever fits you best.

    Depending on the type of girl, we all dress and act differently.

    there are different types of groups like preps, geeks, sporty, emo/rocker, techie, etc.

    preps can be sporty and are the more girlier ones. you've seen them in school.

    teens are all about technology like cell phones and music players.

    Most have myspaces and facebooks. (:

    Source(s): I'm 16
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    you act like an adult and you're only 15? after high school, you are an adult, you shouldn't have to start now, enjoy your childhood while it lasts, because it doesn't last forever. make it how you want it to be, make it memorable, you don't have to be like everyone else to be a teenager, do what you think is right.

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    Your ok.

    If You want more Friends you can try to be more social (:

    when you go to school, Talk to people you don't know. When there's a new kid, talk to them.

    On weekends go out with your Friends && hang out.

    Most teens love music <3

    && usually in High school you fit into a click.

    Just be your self && make Friends. Be your own person.

    Don't be Fake (:

    _Hope i Helped,!!

    xoxo, mariahhh.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    In all honesty. Most teens I know at your age don't go out binge drinking every night and come to school hungover, like you see on television. It is just ridiculous how MTV and VH1 absolutely dumb down America to make it seem like you have to be some drug-dealing dumbass to be a teen. YOU ARE NORMAL.

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    Not gonna lie. It sucks. Parents just don't remember how hard it was being a teen. Go to the beach and stuff and examine people.

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    lame, because teenagers just want to be adults, we can't wait to move out of the house and do our own thing without having damn parents breathing down your neck all the time

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