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Dems, why don't you pull us out of the Middle East first?

then talk about HC reform.

One of the main reasons the Dems took control in 2006 was to end the Iraq War and this issue also helped Obama during the Presidential elections, but has since back peddled on. Before you spend trillions of dollars reforming the HC system, lets end the occupation and pull out of the Middle East.

We tried this "guns and butter" strategy when LBJ was president and guess what, it didn't work.

How does the idea of cutting spending somewhere before spending elsewhere sound to you?

P.S. I give Obama credit for cutting funding for the F-22, but that was only a baby step.


I was referring to the Vietnam War, not the 6-day War. Initially, LBJ thought we could fight both the Vietnam War and implement his Great Society without raising taxes. Ultimately, he had to rescind.

Obama is doing both: Escalating war, implementing a broad range of social programs, and cutting taxes.

Actually, Bush did the same thing too, which led to a significant increase in our national debt.

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    Under LBJ, we were officially neutral during the Six Day War of 1967. It was the Yom Kippur War of 1973 that prompted Nixon to choose sides. The irony was we'd have never been involved at all if not for Eisenhower trying to order around the Brits in the 1956 Suez Crisis. So, the UK was happy to leave the problem in our willing laps. We were easing away under JFK and LBJ.

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    The F-22 is a symbolic step toward bigger things. Before, a Trent Lott or Scoop Jackson would have forced it into the bill, much as Sens. Stennis in Mississippi and Long in Louisiana held up a budget to leverage NASA facilities in their home states (Michaud Assembly Center in New Orleans and the Stennis Space Testing Center in Bay St. Louis.)

    I think it was the Aegis class destroyer which was rejected by the Navy as not needed. An admiral testified as much and received a phone call from Lott's office with the brusque instruction "The senator informs you that's the wrong answer". Lott was trying to pork millions to the Northrup-Grumman shipyward in Pascagoula. He won. There are many systems the four branches of military do not require nor want but have had them forced upon them.

    Funny, Lott dodged the draft. As crusty old time newspaper man Jack Germond snarled "Trent Lott was leading football cheers at Ole Miss while John McCain was rotting in a N. Viet prison."

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    Obama has a completely acceptable pretext for ending funding to Israel and ceasing to be a guaranteed UNSC veto for anything Israel does not like. Israel has basically told Obama and the US to bugger off with respect to stopping work on settlements. Israel does have a small amount of oil off shore but the bulk of the oil is in Arab lands. Telling Israel they are on their own would do much more to protect US oil interests, the absence of continued funding would make the occupation unsustainable and you just might have peace breakout.

    Stop foreign aid, pull out of Iraq, Afghanistan, Germany, Spain, Italy, Japan, Korea, etc. etc. and there would be a substantial amount of resources to start dealing with the US Debt and stabilize the currency (a totally unaddressed but essential component to restoring economic stability).

    I must admit though I am not holding my breath, neither of the major parties has a clue, and as result are doomed to continue repeating the same failed policies that created these messes around the world and at home.

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    So we would desire to continually enter right into a multi-billion dollar warfare with Iran because of the fact they supposedly attacked us 25 years in the past? i think of no longer. Reagan performed this one properly. no choose for a warfare. merely placed them on the sh!t checklist and no added help of commerce with them. What the hell have been we doing in Beirut in the 1st place? "data of Iran providing weapons, information to Iraqi insurgents" same question. What the hell are we doing in Iraq in first place? we are dwelling a international faraway from Iraq. They stay suitable around the corner. The Shiites we "freed" are prepared on Iran. Saddam and his Sunnis provided stability to this occasion. We observed in effective condition to wreck that stability.

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    Better yet, fix the Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid program before taking on another program doomed to failure.

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    Well, because our presence there helps secure our nation's long-term oil interests, of course.

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    Oh wait, US troops have pulled out of all major Iraqi cities

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