do people who smoke pot care more about buying more pot or buying food for there kids?

at the time my mom had a really good job she was making almost a 1000 dollars every 2 weeks and where we lived at the time the rent was only 400 dollars and yet she made us all believe we were very poor we had no food she wouldn't buy us anything

the only other bills that were coming was the electric,gas and phone bill

this was back in the 90's


idk if it was just pot because i think if someone smokes pot wouldn't that make them have the munchies all the time then there would always be junk food around

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    It depends on the parents. In the town I live in, a lot of adults with or without kids smoke pot, but are still very responsible. They don't do it if the kids are under their supervision and they try to make sure the kids never find out. They know kids come first but if they're under a lot of stress its better to do that than take it out on their kids. So around here, no that's not the case, but your mom may have been different.

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    After reading some of the answers, I think most people have the wrong idea about addictions. Whether it be pot, script drugs, alcohol, gambling, sex, S&M, etc. It is a genetic weakness and inherited. People who do not want to change there inherited predisposition are selfish and/or ignorant. Their world is all about the next score, the next drink, the next whatever. These people not only destroy their own lives but all the lives that surround them.

    Substances that alter state of mind and consciousness are abused because reality is harsh in their minds. Responsibility for oneself and others weigh heavily on them and they cannot cope. There are very few interventions in relation to the amount of abusers that walk among us all. Children suffer the most because there is not an intervening organization big enough to save the children. So, suffer the little children. The weak are inheriting the Earth, not the meek.

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    Pot does not make the person who they are. You mean she didn't feed you, cloth you or take you to the doctor or dentist, absolutely nothing? How many of you kids were there. Did you get cable TV? May be she wanted to make you independent. Not the BEST theory, in my opinion, but that would explain it.

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    It depends on the person. In most cases pwoplw will put family/work before pot. Its weed for gosh sake lol. I recently found out that my step dad smokes and he provides for us and still spends time with the family. I smoke pot and i still put work and school before bud. Although I must admit, sometimes they overlap :].

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    1 decade ago

    Your mom sounds very selfish(or mentally addicted), if she smoked that much why didn't she just grow it?

    But no, not all people who smoke pot are like that, it all comes down to moderation.


  • i don't think all people who smoke pot are like that i reckon some would put their kids first but others just wouldn't care x

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    If the person is addicted, they will put that necessity above anything and everything.

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    I don't buy my drugs, people give me them

    but if I did have to buy them, family would come first.

  • kwi
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    1 decade ago

    if i smoked pot or not

    my kids would ALWAYS come first

  • 1 decade ago

    when people become psychologically addicted to a substance, getting that substance may become their number one priority.

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