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Are we talking about Obamas birth certificate because the whole "he's a Muslim" thing didn't work?

Haven't heard a lot about the Muslim thing lately. I thought he was going to force me to convert????


Thanks for the star zinger. Could you please pass some of whatever you're smoking???

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    Oh, he's a Muslim alright, remember the "secret Muslim hand bump" that was the proof!

    need more proof............... ever notice that Obama spelled backwards is ..Amabo, I don't know what that means, but it sounds Muslim!

    need more proof............... not much of a baseball player........ you ever see that Saudi Arabia team in the Little League World Series, yeah they suck and throw just like a bunch of Muslims!

    So there you have it, PROOF ......................... MUSLIM

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    They won't admit it. It doesn't matter. They challenge the validity of the BC he has now even though it is perfectly legit and you can get a passport with it. That is what they issue in Hawaii. The "long form" is sealed by law per protocol. you can not get the Birth Certificate that Obama has released in the state of Hawaii without having been born there. My understanding is that in other states they have a certificate can be acquired even if you were not born there. Such is the case with HAwaii. Anybody can find out thin information and put their doubts to rest. But they choose to get all crazy and believe what they want to. I suppose his parents called the Hawaiian paper that his birth was published in from Kenya to asked them to lie so someday he could perhaps be the president?

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    The talk was reignited when the Cons got wind of the REAL scandal surrounding the birth of Sarah Palin...nee Heath...Nee Swinehunt.

    Palin it seems was not only born overseas, but born to two German off the books adoption by the Heaths before they left idaho would appear to have been not quite legal (at least we know where she got her penchant for things not quite legal!!) and they are terrified it's going to get out.

    Now I've only heard rumors and blog chat but.....they say her REAL father was the anointed successor to Hitler....and that succession to that position os Sarah's birth right....The Oval Office is, i seems, what the Fourth Reich considers its new spiritual home.They plan to take over the world from Washington, so the scuttlebutt goes.

    Now, as I said this is all based upon he said/she said exchanges and some very dicey court actions currently being drummed up by a few Connecticut Libs...but..

    I mean if anyone could provide me with a link to a site which DISPROVES this theory, I would be happy to admit I may have been in error...

    but you know...where's there's smoke there's often fire!!!

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    Palin is the one who will soon be facing this problem.The paper work on her adoption either was not filed or has been lost.

    Her Great Aunt claims she accompanied Heath to Germany to bring her home.

    This is the real reason she had to resign.

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    No haven't you heard, it seems word is leaking out about why Palin quit. it seems she really has a birth certificate problem.. Seems she was adopted by her parents from an overseas ororphanage No one ever bothered to do her naturalization paperwork <Grin>

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    Yes, they got NOTHING and that is all they have. He was racially profiled by the bigots as soon as they heard his name! And when he became President of the country, they really lost their micky ficky piece of lint minds! It is so funny too LMAO!

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    It’s a diversion from real issues… it’s a slight of hand kind of thing. As long as the GOP is pointing at President Obama, their membership will not put two & two together and figure out that it was their failed policies that have gotten our nation into the economic mess it’s in now.

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    You look cute in a bikini.

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    Yep. And they can't say much about that"Black" thing anymore.(Poor righties.How they must be suffering so) - so it's down to this silly.silly crap.

    Mamma was a citizen -so he is.Plain and simple...................

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