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how would you feel ?

& you also didn't like her father very much because of things he did


your close friends father killed himself right around your birthday and you had to cancel your party.

Update 2:

also; the day of the wake happened to be the day of your party.

instead of celebrating your birth, shes mourning his death

Update 3:

oh i felt bad for her, i went to the wake for her, i sat on the phone with her for hours while she went through memories for her. i was there for her.

Update 4:

the past year and a half he hasn't even been the "best" father

Update 5:

i care about my ffriend i really do.

but am i being a bxtch for being upset about canceling my party, i cant help how i feel

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    I would be uspest. I mean you spent months planning and a year waiting for the day. I would be sad. But I would be there for my friend. It's sad when someone dies. even worse when they kill themselves. The amount of sadness might go down for you because you didn't like her father. But think of it this way: don't be sad because her father died. be said because she is unhappy. I mean you can still feel bad about his death. But right now your friend is going through alot. I would hate to cancel my party. but i mean she is your friend. and anyway the party would of sucked without her there or with her and everyone sad. Just be there for her. this patch she is gonna have to get over. maybe you can have a "cheer up" party attached with your birthday. Good luck! and best wishes for your friend. oh and happy birthday.!

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    to be honest, my birthday wouldn't matter as much at all. if my close friends father killed himself, irregardless of how I felt toward him, I'd still be sad. and I would understand completely if my close friend chose that situation. your close friend probably would choose their fathers death over your birthday party. sorry.

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    Well, I'm not really into birthday things anyway.

    So I wouldn't even really care about the party, I'd be worried and sad for my friend.

  • I wouldn't care about my party anymore, i would be caring about my close friends' family and how they were doing. I would still be very sad even though he did those things.

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    i would feel so horrible for my friend. that's so, so tragic; imagine if it was your father, or one of your parents or someone close like that to you in your family. even if you didn't like him, imagine how her family feels right now. i'd have my party later, on another day, like a belated birthday. i wouldn't mind postponing it at all. i'm so sorry for your friend and her loss.

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    i would feel depressed and yea its a bday but their father can never have another bday but can nex year if nothing happens but i would understand and if i were them i wouldnt be in a partying mood when my dad just died so be there for them or later u can have a bday to make up for the one you missed

  • is this real..? I would of been sad if that ever happened .

    I mean he's still your father.

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    I would feel bad.. :[

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