What videos should I MAKE FOR YOUTUBE?

MY ACCOUNT IS: metrostationfan103 and I luv metro station I already have all the songs from there album on youtube and i dont know what other videos to do sense I have all there songs on youtube what other vieos should i make for them

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  • Den B7
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    1 decade ago
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    You always hurt the one you love.

    If you love Metro Station, why are you hurting them? They make their living by selling their music and you have stolen it and are giving it away for free. Every person who copies those songs from your videos is one less potential sale for Metro Station.

    If you have Metro Station CDs, look at the copyright info on the label. It probably mentions something about unauthorized duplication. You are duplicating and redistributing illegally.

    You say that you are a fan but you are harming them.

    Your next video should be an apology to them.

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