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Can Charges be dropped at an arraignment?

My boyfriend was recently arrested and is out on bail. His Arraignment is the tomorrow and bail bondsmen said that he shouldn't get a lawyer because the charges would most likely be dropped down from a felony to a misdemeanor (if not all together dropped) at the Arraignment. If the charges are going to be dropped would that be before he would have to submit his plead or after?

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    My arraignment they just asked me if I understood my charges, My lawyer said we understand the charges and don't want them read out to the court. We plead NOT guilty. Then they set a different date for like 4 mos. away I stayed out on bail. Then after about 2yrs.later $30,000. It was dropped to a misdemeanor.

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    The arraignment isn't a listening to for in charge or innocence. it rather is to ensure if your bail is sufficient and to time table your next courtroom listening to. there is not any risk that your case would be pushed aside at that listening to.

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