I chose piano class, will it teach me synthesizer?

For my classes next year, I chose piano, because I did not see any other class where you played keyboard instruments. I wanted to know if the kids would think I was stupid if I asked the teacher if he/she could teach me the synthesizer, because that is what I really wanted to play. If the piano teacher can't teach synthesizer, what class should I switch to?

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    You won't get any synthesizer-specific lessons in a piano class, but if this is what you want to play, then piano class is the best place to start.

    It's difficult to even have a synthesizer class, as there are so many different synthesizers out there that work very differently from each other. But there are great resources online for learning about synthesizers. Check out www.vintagesynth.com. It has a virtual synthesizer museum, but the best feature is the forum. It's where I learned everything I know about synthesizers.

  • razor
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    1 decade ago

    Piano will teach you chords and scales which you can play on a synth you don't really learn how to play a synth just how to use one,Look up synths youtube it also depends on the synth you buy and the amount of oscillator's,LFO's,Envelopes and filters it has because each synth is different

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    she probably won't teach synth, but take the class anyway.

    the keyboards and notes are basically the same, so everything you learn, will help you play synth

    you can always switch to synth, down the road

    good luck

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I doubt that the teacher will teach synth. :/

    ha, I'd love to learn too.

    If I were you, I'd stick with the piano classes.

    But that's just me.

    Switch to something else if you end up not liking it. :]

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