What could be wrong with my friend's baby?

First, let me say that my friend has 2 other children, so anything that anyone else has to say she brushes it off because 'she knows her children best'.

Anyway, she gave birth to a baby girl in February & ever since her umbilical cord fell off.. that her belly button looked weird. It was protruding. I just figured this is how outie belly buttons looked when the kids were really young. But now that she's gotten older, it pops out really far when she cries or strains in any way & it's also purple all the time (I'm assuming it's blood that fills it). The skin on it is really smooth & shiny. It seems like the baby can never get comfortable. She'll be fine, then she just cries out of nowhere.

Also, she has issues having bowel movements. No matter what they do for her, she has to strain really hard to have a bowel movement & when she strains..her belly button pops out. My friend thinks it's funny, but I feel bad for the little girl. I was thinking hiatal hernia maybe?? Maybe that's what's causing her bowel problems too.

What could this be? And how can I get my friend to realize that this may be something serious (if it even could be something serious)?

Thanks for the answers!!


A hiatal hernia is one that's inside. It rearranges your insides. I'm sure if it can do that, it can somehow affect her bowels, especially given her size.... I may be totally wrong though. I just know that I had a hiatal hernia & had to have it removed because it was compressing something in my stomach.

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    The belly button protruding is an umbilical hernia. These usually self resolve by the time a child is 2 years old. My son had one. His was particularly bad and we had it surgically repaired when he was one.

    The pediatrician should notice her umbilical hernia during well-child visits. If she doesnt it should be pointed out and asked about.

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    I can't believe that she does nothing, that truly sucks. I think you are onto something with the hernia, but not sure if the would obstruct the bowel. This is what I would do, tell her you understand she isn't worried, but you think she should talk to the doctor anyway. If she loves your friendship she will consider it. Or go one better, ask to go with to the next doc visit, and bring it up to the doc yourself when the examine the child. If that's not gonna work, call any pediatricians office, they have nurses that will tell you if you should come in or not, call in front of your friend to prove the point, tell the nurse as if it were your child and ask what to do, when they tell you to have it looked at, give her a bid I TOLD YOU SO! Good luck for the babys sake!

  • best thing to do is express how you feel and if you feel she does not care or just brushes it off contact the childs doctor and express your concern if you go in saying your concern about something and the mother seems relaxed and you want to make sure its nothing you can go to the doc and ask they cant release personal info but they then can mark the file to check at next check up or the doc did notice it and it is nothing but a weird outie. GL

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    It is a belly button hernia. My friends daughter has one and it was really big and just looked horrible. Her dr said that there wasn't much to worry about. There are occasions when there are things to worry about and it needs surgery. She needs to talk to her dr about it. I'm sure her dr has seen it in a routine check up and has told her not to worry.

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    It definitely sounds like a hernia, although why the pediatrician hasn't noticed it is strange, that's one thing they look for.

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    It could be a hernia, but I don't think they cause bowel problems?

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    It sounds like a belly button hemorrhoid

    I'd def take her to the doctors though and get a medical opinion

    Good Luck

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    .It sounds like it could be a hernia. Check out this site.


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