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Are there any roller coasters in Egypt?

Please say YES!

I'm talking about ones like this...

Youtube thumbnail

(been on it)

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    Linkss to Amuserment Parks in Egypt

    Roller coaster info too :)


    Cairo Land


    Dreampark, the leading amusement Park in Egypt & the Middle East. The Park was established in 1999 and designed by Forrec, the international firm that designed Universal Studios and the Mall of America. Dreampark is a member of IAAPA ( International Association of Amusement Parks and attractions

    Fantazy Park in Cairo.. ( dont know re roller coasters) in Fantazy land.

    YEH..Wonderland is the Best :)

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    yes there is a roller coaster in dream park but not like that one it is tiny if you compare it with the one in the video

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    I think they r yes.

  • Anonymous
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    yeah, in DREAMPARK

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