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HONEST answers please.. Would you.......?

contact a long lost friend if you were friends for years, but online and they were overseas? More like pen pals? I have a friends address but I havent spoken to them in a few years and Ive tried contacting them online but cannot find them. I had their gf on myspace but she refuses to give me his details as she doesnt know me and I can understand that. I do have his address though, would it be too much to send him a letter or a postcard even?

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    i did the same, just a few days ago, in fact...

    i had some really good friends in 1st grade, and then in the middle of second, i moved away. then, i added them on facebook, and i was really excited. i was like "yay! great, i can't wait to talk to them, this is gonna be awesome...blah blah blah..." so then , i sent them a message, saying "hey! i hope u remember me, we were friends..." i sent the same message to 2 friends. they accepted me as their friend, but they didn't write back or anything. i was really disappointed.

    i mean, i guess i should have was only 1st grade!

    p.s. now, i'm going to high school.

    so anyway, long story short, it depends how close u were with that person. i, for example was pretty close with them, we were always together. but once again, was just 1st grade,...i guess that's not when u meet ur best friends, huh?!?!

    so what i'm saying is that this is people's reactions. if u were really close, then u can try...but don't be sad, if u get no reply :)))

    best of luck :)))

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    i would deff send him a letter or a postcard!

    the girlfriend is just being stuck up

    hes your friend and if you want to talk to him then send him a letter or try to get his number (:

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    Have you tried Facebook or go to and put in his name and it should give him his number so call him

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    i think you can do that specially if this won't cause any troubles to him

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