Why do a deficiency and an excess of insulin in the body both cause fatigue(lethagy)? Isn't it contradictory?

I know that a lack of insulin (for example, in diabetes) prevents cells to absorb blood glucose for cellular metabolism. But how come when insulin is administered in excess, the body's metabolism also slows down? Isn't insulin supose to permeate glucose through the cell membrane for metabolism, therefore makes the body hyperactive?

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    Not enough insulin, blood sugar is high, cells are starving, and you are tired.

    Too much insulin, blood sugar is low, body canabalizes it's stored glucose (of fats and pproteins, producing ketones) cells are starving, and you are tired.

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    because anything on one extreme or another is bad..plain and simple. balance is the key to all....not just health...but everything...including health

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