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Why is it so hard to find true love?

Hello, I'm a very lonely person. I'm not able to experience romantic experiences with any nice girl of my dreams. I'm physically attractive to oriental girls, asian indians, and spanish girls. I'm not physically attractive to white and african women. Before, I used to be really into looks but now I know that a good heart is so much better. I guess I don't click with the girls at my town since they seem to be immature and mean. I sure don't like mean and immature women especially haughty ones! I did like a couple of chicks, however I'm a rather shy person so I never got to really get to know them. I know this one chick really likes me but she has real self-esteem issues. (: I don't know whats up with girls thinking everybody hates them, kinda weird in my opinion. Oh, feel free to scrutinize me if it makes you feel better, I sure love to be your doormat. Want me to kiss your b*t too so you feel like a little Princess? I sure you surely would love to offend others by posting your wacky half-nak*d pics by them paintings. Oh sorry to digress. (: I was thinking of something else. Nice now answer this, how do I find a woman that has a good heart, is physically attractive, and is not a mean you know what? (: Gosh, whats a relatively young person like me to do, I want to you know however I want to stay married for the rest of my days. ): Oh passion is oh so hard to deal with. (:

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    Im also one of the few guys looking for true love and it is hard

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    It all starts with a simple hi or hello!!

    And just remember be urself kause u want them 2 love u for who u are ..not for what ur trying become!!

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    its so hard to find true love because there are so many people in this world that judge you by your looks. if everyone were blind i'm sure everyone would have met their match. lol

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