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does this mean that i love him .........?

17 ( girl ). this guy told me that he like me and he knows i like him too. he sadly have gf . he said that his relationship is complicated and he doesn't want to lose me. we text all the time and almost everyday and for hours. we are just friends now.

i was talking to him and asked him why his myspace said that he was single if he has a gf. then after i talked to him , i found out that he changed it to " in a relationship". i was so mad. i almost break my pc. then after a couple of min. i calmed down.i wasn't mad anymore. i actually think that his gf is very pretty. i mean i think about him a lot. almost everyday. when we text i feel really happy. but sometime i just get so tired of his stupid games.

but i still want to chill with him and talk to him

so do u think that i like him ?

ps: i only start having those feeling when he told me that he liked me. before that i had ZERO feelings for him.what do u think? i am very confused and i need help.

i am not planing to steal him from his gf.

i just want to know if my feelings for him are true?

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    Well yes it sounds like you like him alot and that you did even before he told you that he liked you. I think you should just let him be text him every now and then and be his friend then if somthing happens he will know that you will be there for him and also that you arent crazy and just trying to get him and never let him talk to any1 ells. So ya just take er ez and be there for him if you dont start dating atleast youll have a good mutual friendship.

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