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will pouring gas on a wasp's nest kill them?

im not looking to burn them but will the fumes kill the wasp's

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    I've used gas to knock wasps out more than anything available..if you have open flames,pilot lights etcetera..or inside a house dont do it near them..I simply pour about 3 or 4 ounces in a can or cup with an open mouth..walk close to the nest easy..and slosh it on them..if a direct hit,..they drop instantly...

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    Yep, and it might kill you and whoever else lives nearby...just make sure there's no open flame. Seriously, don't do this.

    One thing I tried was a spray of (believe it or not) Lysol, as I ran out of the handy dandy wasp spray. Lo and behold, the wasps stopped in their "tracks", and dropped to the ground, where I squashed their next to lifeless bodies with my tennis shoe. Then I scraped the nest down and sqashed that too. Lot less dangerous than gasoline.

    Maybe you can give that a try instead.

    Source(s): I did it a couple of days ago. Worked great.
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    Pouring gas on wasps melts their wings and kills them...

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    If you want to kill them and not get stung, spray them and the nest with WD 40 works better than bug spray they can't fly and suffocate.

    Source(s): personal use
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    use water in stead

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