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How much would it cost to ship a siberian husky puppy?

It would be from nashville tennessee to st louis missouri.

thank you(:

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    Traveling alone? Depends on the airline, and they all went up, but in the vicinity of $250-$400. Remember, this is summer, they don't ship if the temperature is too high. Look for a late night or early morning flight, non-stop. Make sure you have a health certificate AND a certificate of Acclimation (you need both).

    Used to be around $100 if you were traveling with the dog, but times have changed.

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    Around $300 by air.. (plus the cost of a crate, and a trip to the vet for health certificate)... and many airlines will NOT ship dogs during certain weather conditions.

    There are ground transport services, but many of them cost 2-3 times what it costs to ship by air.

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    Around $300 but, since it is so hot they won't be able to ship the dog. The temperature at the shipping place and at your place has to be a certain temperature or else they won't ship the dog.

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    why fly? It only a 7 hour drive. Plus most dog make good traveling companions

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  • usually around 300 $ but it depends how much it weighs and if its a cage and how big the cage is

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