Is it easy to get into Baltimore City Police Department?

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    Baltimore is a big city police department so it is a little easier to get hired their because they have a high turnover rate. That being said they will look closely at your background to see where you grew up and who you may have associated with. This is because they have had and still do have a lot of corruption. The crime rate there is very high so you will see alot of action. The command staff is know for not backing up their officers and the pay for what you have to deal with sucks and the general morale of the department isn't good. Their are a lot of better departments in MD such as Baltimore county police or Howard county, and Montgomery County is one of the highest paid and best departments in U.S.

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    Yo dude, watch this TV show from HBO called "The Wire". After you watch it, ask yourself again if you really want to join the Baltimore Police Dept.

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    Sure. The doors are unlocked 24 hours a day. Just walk on in!

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    Yes It Is,

    they're always open for business. Crime never sleeps.

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