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Why should i buy a touch screen phone?

It seems like everyone these days has a touch screen phone. Right now i have an ENV2 (vx9100) and i am either upgrading to an ENV3 or ENV touch. I just want to know why people think touch screen phones are so special. I think i would get frustrated if it is to slow or if i slightly miss the button that I am trying to press so i goes to a different menu.

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    touch screens are the new thing thats why.

    Can you please answer my question.;_ylt=Avz5x...

    Back to my answer.

    Touch screens are new and everybody wants the new thing.

    I love touch screens but they are really fragile like once my touch screen got scratched so i was pissed cuz the screen and colors and everything messed up

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    I didn't have a touch screen until Jan 2009. I choose a touch screen because I thought it would be different. It is different. Messaging on an only touch screen phone is kinda hard. I mean I make more mistakes on it when typing then if i was on a keyboard. I like how touch screens are more responsive.

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    If I were you, get a touchscreen that also has a keyboard, like the enVtouch, some other pones with verixon have them. I have an iphone, and a sidekick, but the iphone is hard to txt.


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