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Virginia Discoverd and Described by Captain John Smith?

How does the map john smith created compare to a modern map of virginia?

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    As a long time resident of Hampton Roads and frequent visitor (almost on a weekly basis) to the Jamestown Island ...... I recognize very little on that map.

    I see where "Jamestown" is listed on the bottom left corner area but this area in reality is more 'water' than 'land'.

    Jamestown sits on the river, but this is one WIDE river, so wide that you hardly notice when it opens up to the Norfolk Naval Base, and the Chesapeake Bay.

    Also, there is a ton of 'wetlands' in the area north and east of Jamestown ...meaning transportation is by boat.

    This map shows a lot of LAND when in reality it's a lot of water ....swamps, marshes, creeks, extremely wide rivers, large open bays.

    The old map shows a lot of 'hills' in the east, that do not exist.

    In fact, Jamestown sits on the river at a curve on the peninsula.

    If you WALKED across the peninsula from south of Jamestown, walking due East in a straight line for about 10 MILES you will end up in Yorktown.

    Yorktown sits ON Chesapeake Bay.

    Parts of the river, especially where Jamestown was, was actually WIDER than the neck of the peninsula

    The old map just shows way too much land, non existent hills, a complete lack of perception ....like he was mapping things he had HEARD of instead of actually seeing them.

    Which is kind of weird since he KNEW what the peninsula looked like since he had to sail around it.

    The only native tribes I recognize on the map were the Monacan and the Powhatan...and the maps has hundreds of names on there. I don't even see anything remotely like the names of the other tribes names. Which Virginia KEPT a great deal of the local tribal names, like the Rappahannock, Chickahominy, Pamunkey, Mattaponi ...tribes in great abundance in the area of Jamestown.

    It's an awful map, navigators and map makers of that time period were much better than that.

    For a real map of the area;


    Or go to Mapquest and get directions from Jamestown, VA to Yorktown, VA.

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    It is unsophisticated and inexact.

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