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What is Gobsacked.....?

Spell check says it could be Gobsmacked, IDK


Susan Boyle said it. so there ninja j you meany

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    As a fully paid-up member of the UK, I feel qualified to answer this. 'Gob-smacked' is a slang term. We use the word 'gob' in place of mouth and 'smacked' in place of hit. To be 'gob-smacked' is to be stunned into silence as you would be if you were hit in the mouth by surprise. Hope I've helped Mailman Bob.

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    Some strange word that Susan Boyle uses

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    Gobsmacked is a slang term in the UK, it is that moment when something shocks you so much that you are unable to say anything.

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    it is Gobsmacked, it means your so shocked you dont know what to say.

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    it means like in awe, or suprised. Like flabbergasted

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    if you dont know what it is then why are you using it?

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    GOD tbaging you?

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