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is this axiety or paranoia...?

wherever i am i think about the worst possible thing that can happen. ill be on a ride at an amusement park and ill be afraid its going to fall over. in an airlane, its going to crash. elevator, the rope is going to break and its going to fall(i cant go in elevators) when im about to go on stage, im going to fall or something, and so on. what do i have and what to do?


my friends make fun of me for it too! theyle be like lets take the eskalator...or you afraid of THAT too? ugghh

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    Paranoia is worrying about everything even though it is not justified. Anxiety is what you start to experience from the paranoia. Paranoia often includes imagining that the worst is going to happen in a situation... (sounds like you!).

    You should go seek professional help for sure, preferably someone who deals with anxiety daily like a psychiatrist or psychologist (duh), they know the most about the situation. It's likely that you would be put on medication and you want a doctor who can make an accurate diagnosis (any doc that assesses you and gives you a diagnosis in one session, is not a great doctor, this stuff should take some time). You do not want to be given a wrong diagnosis and be prescribed for something that you dont even have. You will end up with more problems than you initially had.

    Paranoia and anxiety are common and usually easily treatable. But, anxiety puts a lot of stress on your body, which untreated for a long period of time can contribute to strokes, etc. No one wants that or needs to live in constant fear, so better to get checked out sooner than later. hope this helps :)

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    its both. Your a pessimist. Some are optimisms and some are pessimisms, i'm a pessimist i do that too, not as bad as you.

    try relaxing taking a deep breath and changing the thought of OMG this plane is going to crash to how much fun your going to have when you get where you are or how much fun you'll have with your friends on that ride at the park.

    A study shows (Michael J. Fox's show adventures of an incurable optimist) that a pissimistic person must first explore the pessimistic thoughts and then they are free to move on and realize when kind of optimism can come from it,

    i think the first step for you is to take someone you love and trust with you, go to an elevator anywhere, watch one person get in it safely and see that they reached their floor with no problem and then you should go get in it with your friend or family, and go up just one floor.

    its a start

    hope this helps :)

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    That is a very good and interesting question, it's actually both. Axiety because of the plane and ride. Paranoia because you can't go on the elevator and being scared of the cord snapping. Tell your friends that they're not you're friends if there making fun of you. Also if I were you I would talk to a therapist about your fears of all of the above.............................I hope this helped.

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    It sounds like it may be a bit of both paranoia and anxiety. I've been suffering from severe anxiety and some forms of paranoia since I was 11. I'm now 17 nearly 18 and still have these problems, but my psyciatrist prescribed drugs to me that helped, so, I suggest you see one maybe he or she could help you overcome these problems with some medicine. Remember, anxiety and paranoia are nothing to worry about, its all really in your head thats making you think these things.

    Anyway, good luck!

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    Psych ward sounds 'bout right. I have some of the same problems, but not THAT severe. Mine are like minor compared to his, and if i have thoughts about admitting myself, than he should be doing it right away. But at age 32, it'd be hard to make him do anything of the sort. Just advice from somebody who somewhat shares a bit of the same mind frame as him.

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    paranoia comes with anxiety

    I have the same anxiety as you, and I have medication for it because it's a chemical imbalance in your brain that makes you over think everything

    i couldn't even walk into a room without thinking of the worst thing that could happen

    i take lexapro, and it works great, I'm not worrying about things and i feel happy now

    talk to your doctor, and get prescribed an anxiety medication, because i promise you it's anxiety

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    I have the same problem. Although, i can go in elevators but cannot ride rollercoasters.. I have High anxiety and i try not to let it bother me.

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    Your thinking safely.. but if it takes over you life its parinoa. I think like that, but somtimes you have to ignore it, beacuse it will control you

    just remind yourself like in an elevator by seeing the inspection certificate, or on a roller coaster that there are like 5000 people riding it a day and they are fine, and if you fall off wont die, unless its a REELY BIG STAGE

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    Situational Awareness.

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    Well, it's obviously delirium, so what you're thinking isn't real. What you do is the next time you think you're going to fall from a ride, don't hesitate. Jump right off and prove your fears off, that'll teach you.

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