Do Oyster cards work in Waltham Abbey?

If not where is the closest bus stop or train station,national rail where oyster card work?

Please and thank you!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Only on (red) TFL buses; not on the train or out of London bus operators' services. If you are commuting to London regularly you can buy a Travelcard Season ticket to whichever zone on the Underground you're travelling into. For days out in London you can buy an Off Peak travelcard after 09-30 weekdays, anytime weekends from the railway station, that includes one return rail journey into London plus the freedom of London Underground/buses/trams/DLR for the day Within the London zones Oyster cards are generally not valid on trains as opposed to the Underground, unless they have a travelcard downloaded on to them i.e. not pay as you go. Enfield Lock railway station is the nearest point still in London Zone 6

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